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Disraeli novel about rich Englishman who leaves England to fight in the war of Italian independence?

Answer is 7 letters long

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am sorry but have found no such novel, he wrote a lot but about himself mostly

    Benjamin Disraeli, was born in London on 21st December, 1804. His father, Isaac Disraeli, was the author of several books on literature and history, including The Life and Reign of Charles I (1828). After a private education Disraeli was trained as a solicitor.

    Like his father, Isaac Disraeli, Benjamin took a keen interest in literature. His first novel, Vivian Grey was published in 1826. The book sold very well and was followed by The Young Duke (1831), Contarini Fleming (1832), Alroy (1833), Henrietta Temple (1837) and Venetia (1837).

    Well, you probably must judge which one it is , Vikpedia has also 3 political novels added:

    After producing a Vindication of the British Constitution, and some political pamphlets, Disraeli followed up Vivian Grey by a series of novels, The Young Duke (1831), Contarini Fleming (1832), Alroy (1833), Venetia and Henrietta Temple (1837). During the same period he had also written The Revolutionary Epick and three burlesques, Ixion, The Infernal Marriage, and Popanilla. Of these only Henrietta Temple (based on his affair with Lady Henrietta Sykes) was a true success.

    During the 1840s Disraeli wrote three political novels collectively known as "the Trilogy"–Sybil, Coningsby, and Tancred

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  • 5 years ago

    The novel is Lothair, published in 1870, after his first term as Prime Minister.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lothair - the well known Crossword answer!

    Source(s): Try Google with Lothair and it will confirm it
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