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Is it important to wear fashionable clothes?

要有pros 同cons 各3個,,,

同埋opinion係要作 NO

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    Why is it important to wear fashionable clothes? Many people nowadays think it is important to wear fashionably. However, I totally disagree with this trend.

    There are both advantages and disadvantages to wear fashionable clothes. Let me tell you the advanages first. Usually, you can create an attractive image by wearing fashionably.People usually judge you by your first impression.They can know more about you by finding out what styles you wear and how you look like. So, most people need to wear formally in the workplaces. Second,you would have a greater confidence when you are wearing fashionably.Third,You can receive a higher respect from people.

    On the other hand, you have to spend more money on buying clothing in order to wear fashionably. Fashions change quickly with seasons. Also, fashionable clothings are usually costly.Somehow you may have to throw away the new clothes which are no longer fashionable. If you don't throw away them, they would fill up your wardrobe quickly.So, it would waste you much money. It is not environmental friendly also.Second,you also have to spend much time on searching fashions.You need to buy many fashion magazines.Third,wearing too fashionably would cause your relatives and friends to be jealous of you!

    To conclude, I think we had better wear in a tidy and clean manner and wear clothings which can be trendy at all times.

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