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medicine for cure hurt

My dad get hurt because of he plays a lot of golf. Where could you find better hospital or some medicine can cure his hurt?

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    Most of the players had the back pain come from the position at the middle of shoulder, or lower part of waist, along the spinal cord. Some peoples suffer from ground rebound, fatigue in the morning tee off time, muscle twisted without warm up.

    The best medicine is to take rest, stop to play for a while, if the problem happened.

    We need to find out the reason caused by the spinal, scoliosis, joint or muscle.

    The easy way to check the scoliosis or not,

    by touching the right (left) hand cross over shoulder to the left (right) hand at the back, and the right (left) hand to the left (right) foot at the stand position then bow to front.

    To release the pain, relax the muscle by base oil mixed one or all with the wintergreen, rosemary, peppermint, camphor, cinnamon etc in 5 percent density, stretch out the spine by lay down on the wood floor, holding the knee of left foot toward the chest as much as possible, you might find the left foot (side) possible is more difficult than right foot (side), it is me, Every 10-15 sec, rest 3-5 sec.

    To keep the body in center and help by other people to do the difficult side more than the easy side, by slow and steady pressure on the foot bend toward the shoulder side not press down to the chest (without pain), the other one foot should remain on the floor.

    The patient should in a very relax and enjoy to have it. Do this exercise more often even not in the urgent case.

    I am a golf player and certified to perform the spine therapy by FORUM ESSENZIA.

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