Do you know how John Doe ended, I guess last season?

What was the reason for everything that happened to him, why were those people after him?

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    It ended abruptly with Doe being able to relearn latent psychic abilities and the cops finding a Phoenix lab where Michael and Teresa we being tested on. Michael was killed as was 'Trenchcoat'.

    'Stocking cap' fled with Teresa and Doe chased them. Teresa fell behind and Stocking Cap fled alone, Doe grabbed his cap as he climbed up and out of a man hole cover. Stocking Cap looked back as Doe pursued and we saw his face, Stocking Cap is Digger! Doe stared in disbelief and Digger ran. We then had a panning shot of Vatican city and a zoom in on the Phoenix staff in a dusty vault under the Vatican.

    I vaguely recall a short interview with producers about a new show they were working on and they were asked about Doe, they said that SC was not Digger, but made to look like him, as part of a later Phoenix plot. I think they said that the 'brand' was the result of an elctronic implant which granted Doe his intellect but robbed him of his personal memories. and that Doe was chosen for the implant because of his psychic tendancies in the hopes that between that and his powers it would lead Phoenix to the staff which they believed would herald the second coming.

    SciFi has been running episodes of Doe and I think I've seen most of them, but I would like to find it on DVD. In rewatching them, the evidence could go either way on their explaination about Digger/Stocking Cap.

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    Joe Doe ended in 2002 or 2003, I believe. The Phoenix Organization was a group conducting research into near-death experiences. They believed that the sum total of knowledge in the universe would be conferred upon them at the moment of death, so they killed John and brought him back to life in order to gain access to that knowledge.

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