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Anyone know a church in L.A. that has awesome music (NO "praise&worship") and inspiring preaching?

Please help me find a church (preferably in West L.A.) that is vibrant, thriving, and spirit-filled...but NOT ultra-conservative (i.e., no churches that are homophobic or that don't allow women to be leaders). Looking for that happy middle ground between scary uber-rightwing fundamentalists and wishy-washy, anemic ultra-liberal pastors. I want passion and conviction combined with progressive theology!

Moved out here a year+ ago and am missing my old church in South Boston. It was perfect--urban and a little scrappy, ethnically and economically diverse, with a charismatic pastor who could really preach and a real spirit of family and community among the congregation. And the music was outstanding--some traditional hymns but also a good dose of gospel songs and spirituals--the whole congregation was on its feet clapping along at least once during every service.

Anyone know of anything similar in L.A.? (Again: no fundamentalists, no "praise" music--can't stand that sappy stuff.)

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    It is a shame that you don't read and follow the BIBLE otherwise, I could find a church in a heartbeat. Having a woman "leader" means that you mus ignore the scriptures all-together. Homophobic means that you must also ignore more of the scriptures. What KIND of CHURCH ignores the writings from Our FATHER aqnd still want to be called a CHURCH?? That is really WeIrD!

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    There are plenty of them in the LA area but you really have to search around and find one that you like." In His Presence" is one that I can think of that's just about a 10 to 15 minute freeway drive west on the 101 towards Thousand Oaks.

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