I am removing old ceramic tile from a concrete floor - need advice!?

I've chipped out the old tile but am left with the old (cement) mastic. I have been using a pneumatic chipping gun but this method is runining the house with cement dust. Does anybody know of an alternative method to remove the old concrete? Wet floor sanders? Chemicals? Anything dust free is what I'm after. I've even tried drop cloths to segregate the area with poor results. I spent the next day cleaning the house and am still chasing dust a week later. Any useful advice would be welcomed. Thanks!

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    There are several ways to attempt this problem. First,check your elevation to your door height.if you can get by adding 1/2 of self leveling flooring and cover it up.I'm not sure what your up against if your replacing with a different product or trying to save a old chipped up conc.floor.Any kind of gelatin paint stripper will take off the mastic but then again your dealing with fumes.thin set is different than mastic then I'm afraid that if it is a thin set mortar then well ,elbow Greece is the answer.Sorry I can't help.You have tried to mask the area off, right?and wear protection.

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    Sounds like a big mess and a rough job. If you have more than 1 window in the room you're working in open them all and put a box fan in 1 of the windows backwards, so it pulls the air out of the room. That, combined with the drop cloths should limit how much dust gets in the rest of the house. I've used this method for sanding drywall with pretty good results.

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    there is nothing to use that would be dust free when it comes to removing ceramic tile we've been doing this for years and that's the method we use it's dusty and noise just open all Windows and doors

    good luck

    flooring expert

    p.s you really don't want to use chemicals in side a house that would a very bad thing to inhale all the time

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    here is a method i have tried and it works get a small propane torch heat up the old mastic it takes a lot longer but you want no dust oh and get a 8" scaper its a lot faster good luck

    Source(s): 30 years in trade
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