Do Nourkrin hair loss tablets work?

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I have just finished the first 60 tablets (30 days supply) of Nourkrin Extra strength. I cant tell if it has worked, and dont want to spend more money if it doesnt. Anyone know how more
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With the Nourkrin they usually insist you take a course of about 6 months, which makes it very expensive. Those who can afford it will obviously think it is worth if if they get good results. As with anything herbal it will work for some but not for everyone. It is up to you if you feel you can afford to splash out or not. Some do and some don't bother with the lotion/shamoo too.

Have you had your thyroid gland function checked by your doctor because if that is not working as it should be it can affect the hair growth pattern. One of the best supplements for the hair growth is Horsetail or a silica complex (this is in Nourkrin too) that is usually based on the horsetail herb with other minerals. Horsetail is one of the richest plant sources of silica and it is an essential mineral for luscious hair growth. Make sure you get enough B vitamins also as these are vital for hair growth. It is also essential that you eat quality protein as the hair is composed of protein. Others have achieved good results taking MSM as a supplement which is packed with organic sulphur. Your hair has sulphur as an essential component.

Apart from the dietary approach you could try Indian Head Massage (available at beauty salons) or massaging your scalp yourself - a dry massage or use diluted essential oil of Rosemary - in an oil base of jojoba oil which is excellent for the scalp circulation. These are available at large health food stores.

Best wishes. Hope this helps.
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