how to write a drug free contract between parent and child?

I have a adult child who has a history of drug use. I would like to have a contract to encourage him to stay clean. This may be his last chance. Can anyone help!

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    drug nature is to disinigrate the moral self.

    depending on the drug the lieing is great.

    lieing and integrity are a conflict.

    if one can not be honost with themself they will not be honost with another.

    A contract requires honosty to keep.

    although i see were you are coming from i would sugest to accompany the contract with information and pictures of things that will remind the drug user. Why they should hate the drug.

    It is not untill they hate it with a equal level as the like for it, will they really consider to quit. Include in your contract.

    *pictures of a meth users mouth and body sores.

    *short articals of children, and family destructions related to drug use.

    *pictures of scenes of violence related to drug use

    *Share with them the facts that the biggest drug lords before distribution of there large quanties of drugs, preform incantations and exercise satanic rites as they bless the substances that they are using (see father carapi --Xdrugdealer to the stars).

    Then include a picture of a corpse to finalize.

    give them reason to remeber the pain and hell equivalent to the level that meets the euphoria (feeling of happiness) the drug brings.

    God bless Good luck

  • 4 years ago

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    Don't waste your time with a contract. The only way a person is going to stay drug free is if they willingly do this. You could write up a contract and offer the world to the person, but if they still desire the high from the drugs, they will take the drugs regardless of your offers in any contract.

    You can't get a druggie off of the drugs with the use of any contract. They have to go through a program willingly and build it within themselves to stay off the drugs.

    All you can and should do is offer moral support and pray. Anything else would just wasted effort.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Write up the conditions of what staying 'clean' means in clear words. Then write up the penalties in clear, plain words of what happens when one of the articles are broken by the drug use/abuse. Write again in clear, plain words the benefits of being sober and drug free will bring to him and you.

    Hopefully your child has been able to find hobbies that give him the endorphine rush that drugs give him. Maybe sky diving or bungee jumping would be a better addiction. Safer too!

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  • Ash
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    1 decade ago

    i dont think a contact on paper is going to help anything, he needs treatment to stay clean. this will be the right drug free enviornment he needs. i know you are trying to help, but you cant help him unless he wants to help himself get clean. tell him to get some professional treatment and to stop hanging out with the people who are affecting him to do this.

  • 1 decade ago

    Write up your expectations and have him sign it.....a contract isn't going to do much though if he is hooked......he needs a rehab program....and counseling...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Paper and substance dependancy are two seperate entities.

    How about intervention/detox/rehab?

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