What are the vertical ridged striations in my fingernails caused by, and is this cause for alarm?

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Vertical striations in my fingernails have appeared, and have broken up the smooth surface of the nail into ridges. What causes this and what can I do to fix it? I am in my 40's ...show more
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  • ♪♫♪justpassingby♪♫♪ answered 7 years ago
    Vertical nail ridges, which run from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, are fairly common. They don't indicate serious illness and typically increase with age. Although their exact cause isn't known, heredity may play a role.

    If your fingernails change color or develop horizontal ridges, see your doctor. These changes may indicate an underlying health problem


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  • Lala answered 7 years ago
    try getting some zinc....that might help
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  • nicoledave44039 answered 7 years ago
    Dave had those when he use to bartend and it was called rose lime disease. It's a fungus and you can get a nail fungus ointment for it or you just wait for it to grow out. It probably won't grow out though until you stop whatever you are using that is making it happen. Dave made a lot of margaritas and his doc said it was from the limes.
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