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Question about Evolution vs Creationism?

Creationism states that God made the human race by his own hand.

Evolution, even if it is theistic Evolution, states that the human race evolved from other species.

In reality, is it one or the other? This question isn't so much about "God" as it is about Creationism vs Evolution/Theistic Evolution.

Specifically, did some humans evolve from the common ancestors, as the Theory of Evolution suggests, and did God then make a select group of humans by his own hand?

Or is it an all or nothing proposition, that is, either all the human race evolved from a common ancestor, or we are all descendents of Adam and Eve, as Creationism suggests.

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    Is this serious?

    Uhhhh yeah, that's PART of the discussion. Truthfully, the question isn't simply about humans. It's about evolution in general. The Bible SEEMS to deny the possibility of evolution. If taken literally, evolution is completely out. Each species was created specifically by God. Each species existed together at the beginning.

    Evolution is contrary to such a view. If Evolution is real, the literal interpretation of the Bible is wrong.

    That's the problem and that's the discussion.

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    The common mistake that I believe is made in this debate, is an improper definition of evolution. There has been nothing proven whatsoever about the origin of the human race, despite what the popular view may be. What has been scientifically proven is the idea of survival of the fittest. This is not the same thing as evolution. It simply says that the strongest creatures survive. It is easy to see that in the Western world, that the humans who are percieved by the rest of the population to be elite, end up doing better in the "success" that they have. Notice though, that this has nothing to do with evolving into more elite people. Yes, its true that there are probably species around here that didn't exist at the beginning of time, because different creations have been mixed together and sometimes breed. This also doesn't prove evolutionary theory.

    The key word in that last sentence, is theory. For those that like to throw around the term "Scientific fact", what that term simply means is that most scientists agree that it is the best theory to date... it's not a "fact". What was scientific "fact" in the 70's has changed several times in a million different areas, because of advances in science and education...

    The main question that evolution must answer, is how did everything originate. The chance that we all ended up on an earth so incredibly accurately placed in the universe to ensure our preservation, the complexity of our human bodies and of nature, is the most improbable odd that has ever existed. If evolution is defined correctly, as the idea that we evolved from an extremely small organism created by some cataclysmic event, it cannot possibly coincide with the account of Creation. So, to answer your question, by that definition it must be all or nothing.

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    I'm 16 and I'm in high schools where we do learn this, or at least the evolution part. I personally think neither of them should be taught in public schools. Creationism is a fairly religious topic and though I believe in it, it's not something that should be in public schools filled with various different religions. The same goes for evolution. There have been multiple debates and such in my biology classes toward this and it's tough to be on the opposing side when you're not supposed to mention the creationism part. And I truly think that evolution has had so much faith put into it that it could be a religion of it's own. It's ridiculous for teachers to be teaching things like evolution and the big bang THEORY telling us to completely believe in them 100% when they're just theories. There's little evidence to support them, and the evidence they have aren't very reliable sources. I mean really, you can't claim that people come from monkeys when you find bones so far apart from each other and automatically assume that they go together.

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    All the human race evolved from a common ancestor, and we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, as Creationism suggests.

    Nowhere in the 6000 years of written history has a species mutated for the better. The ONLY instance of a species adding or subtracting chromosomes is the case of Downs Syndrome people, they actually have one more chromosome. Would you call them advanced or better?

    Look at another instance of "cross-breeding" between the horse and a donkey, this union creates a mule incapable of reproduction. Is this advanced?

    So, if the world seems to trend towards the sterile or handicapped, why try to believe we can advance from slime.

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    Fact: All DNA is chemically the same. The four bases found in DNA are adenine (abbreviated A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T). These four bases are attached to the sugar/phosphate to form the complete nucleotide. These bases are classified into two types, adenine and guanine are fused five- and six-membered heterocyclic compounds called purines, while cytosine and thymine are six-membered rings called pyrimidines.

    It only varies by order of binary options (life is digital) and the number of strands. This piece of hard science that supports the theory of evolution from a common ancestor.

    The bible is a collection of documents from a much larger pool of documents. Got any history on the rejects? It was also put together by a gaggle of Catholic Bishops. That alone should make the other "we are right and you are going to hell" christain factions suspicious. It was only made in the middle of the 4th century.

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    There is no controversy between the truth of Gods Word and true science. None. For example, the Bible does not say that this world was created for the first time at the beginning of the Book of Genesis. It says "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. A period ends that sentence. Now when did it say that God did that? It doesn't - just "in the beginning".

    There is an entire earth age contained in that verse. The Bible states that this earth is eons old. you can read of the three earth ages in second Peter.

    Also, not everybody decended from Adam and Eve. All the races were created in the flesh on the 6th day, and Adam and Eve were formed on the 8th day of Genesis.

    Scripture says that each soul is to come through this earth age one time, born of woman through the bag of waters. Each of those individual souls are born into a flesh body for life on earth in this age.

    Watch out for some that call themselves "creationists". They unfortunately are not very Biblically literate, because they suggest this earth is only about 6000 years old. The Bible does not say that, they do. So don't believe everything you hear.

    Many are unlearned in the truth of Gods Word - you can't swing a dead cat today without hitting one of them.

    Regardless of the way life and nature progressed through time to get us where we are today, call it whatever you want - God created it, God saw that it was very good, and God is in full control of it. No controversy - God created the sciences, too.

    Its just ignorant man who has controversies and misunderstandings. I ignore them, and listen to my Father.

    Source(s): Greens Interlinear King james Strongs Concordance
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    i am one of these theistic evolutionists ( as i just recently found out )

    but i believe Adam and Eve to be a symbolic story to explain the first humans ... not a literal one

    i dont see why a creator couldnt have a hand in evolution

    creating those first atoms and molecules that would become everything that we know today

    wouldnt that be the ultimate creation ?

    infact i dont understand why people dont like the idea of a God that would work this way ... i find it a more amazing and powerful creation

    so no i dont believe it to be an all or nothing , a black or white situation

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    I find it ironic that die hard creationists wave their bibles around as the way, the truth, and the light as they write off evolution as a lie.

    Evolution, unlike "good Christian" creationism, places no limits on what God is capable of doing. Evolution is open to any number of explanations, and as a scientific theory, is out there precisely to be proved wrong by better empirical evidence.

    "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it" is not that evidence. Basically, that argument merely says that God couldn't have created evolution because it wasn't written on a scroll 2000 years ago. This is their "proof".

    Lots of good religious people believed for thousands of years that lightning was the result of some god's anger. I wonder how many fundies would make that claim today?

    Don't let people put limits on God. Deism will set you free.

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    i'd say its all or nothing, and the adam and eve concept has more holes than a seive. god did not hand pick a bunch of em either.

    to those who said "why are there still apes/monkeys" go check urself into school again, preferably from nursery, and this time, don't skip classes or forget to turn ur brains on. jeez its ridiculous how many people say something like this without even knowing what they're talking about.

    btw i'm not muslim, christian, atheist, pagan or satanist.

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    We involved with the apes from a common ancestor not from an ape.

    Evolution is science. It is based on detailed evidence not in religion.

    Religion is based on belief and various religious around the world have different theories of creation.

    There are some who belief we were created by aliens. Well it is belief and not science.

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