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what does the timing belt do in a car..?

I have a 92 model automatic civic fuel injected i seem to be faced with a trimbling problem with the engine during driving....the engine acts as if it's straining to pull the car....what i did i put the car on park & rev the engine hard & what i heard was the same stifling noise from the mechanic told me it could be my timing belt....i would like to know if the "timing" is OFF could this be responsible for the trimbling of the engine..?

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    He is right.

    Easy to check

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    Absolutely. The timing belt actuates the intake and exhaust valves. If it is "off" or out of sync (no longer properly "timed"), the valves will not be opening at the proper time in the cycle of the piston strokes. This would make the engine run rough.

    For example... Both valves are supposed to be closed when the spark plug fires. If the timing belt was not right and an exhaust valve was already open, the explosion of the ignited fuel/air mixture would send a lot of its potential power straight out the exhaust instead of driving the piston back down the cylinder to turn the crankshaft.

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    ohhhhhh yeah. You move the timing off just 1 degree and the engine can start to act all funny, spit, sputter, back fire, stall, etc. Timing belt keeps the top and bottom parts of the engine in time, moving in unison. If they aren't moving together, then it will give all kinds of issues and problems.

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