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How much is it for heating air conditioning?

Hi my electricity provider charges 6 kwH

How much is it costing me to turn my air conditioning (normal air conditioning unit like most that came with the place) on HEAT?

If you don't know..then how much do you pay? Thanks all


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    Your energy consumption depends on many variables. The size of the furnace or A/C unit, the amount of energy it consumes, what temperature you set your thermostat on, the amount of insulation you have, the ambient temperatures etc.

    If you live in "Tract" housing you can compare your electricity usage with those neighbors who have the same elevation and floor plan as you do. It is best to set your thermostat between 72 and 74 degrees year round. Have your equipment serviced twice a year at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons. Leave all supply vents open in every room and change your air filter regularly (6 to 12 times a year depending on dust levels). ALWAYS use a licensed contractor and NEVER use a "handyman" to work on your system. Refrigerated systems are highly technical and must be kept in proper working order to get the maximum efficiency from them.

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    No air-conditioning interior the summertime, by way of fact it not often gets above 80 F during the 365 days. i do no longer think of i could stay to tell the story without warmth interior the iciness... eeeek i'm chilly only thinking approximately it!

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