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Cable joined the X-Men?

Why, How, tell me all the details. I hadn't read an issue since Apocalypse merged with Cyclops


I was the President of ClubNate (the Cable/X-Man fan club) 6 years ago, but had to leave the web and my comic collecting due to unexpected circumstances. I am now trying to catch back up on what I've missed and bring ClubNate back from the brink of extinction.

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    it was during the 12 story line.The twelve storyline did not officially start until Uncanny #375, but there are some other issues you should get that would be useful to understanding the story.

    In this order...

    Uncanny #372 (the shattering, pt 1)

    X-Men #92 (the shattering, pt 2)

    (the next groups of issues take place simultaneosly...)

    X-men #93 and #94

    Astonishing X-Men #1-3 (a limited series, not to be confused with the AOA title. This series is by Howard Macke and Brandon Peterson)

    Uncanny #373 and #374

    The Twelve:

    Uncanny X-men #375

    X-Men #95 (identity of Death revealed)

    Uncanny X-Men #376 (the twelve revealed)

    X-Men #96

    Uncanny X-Men #377

    X-Men #97 (cyke and Apocalyspe merge)

    The Twelve

    Twelve key powerful mutants upon whom the fate of mutantkind rests. During her journey to our past from 2000 years in the future, Sanctity mentioned that humanity waited so long for the Twelve, and were sorely disappointed. This seemed to imply that the Twelve are not from our generation of mutants, but from some time in the future. However, Sanctity managed to delete all references to the Twelve (presumably the individual identities) from the original Master Mold, perhaps ensuring that they would survive and save the future. Recently, Destiny's diary revealed the identities of the Twelve: Xavier, Cyclops, Phoenix, Iceman, Storm, Cable, Polaris, Sunfire, Mikhail, Bishop, The Living Monolith and Magneto. However, the 12 were not gathered to save mankind. Rather, Apocalypse had his minions capture the mutants and hook them into a machine that was to channel all their power into him, enabling him to merge with the powerful form of Nate Grey and ascend to godlike levels. Fortunately, Magneto's inability to access his power shorted the machine, and the mutants fought Apcoalypse until Cyclops broke the link between him and Grey and was himself absorbed. The 12 then managed to keep from directing their energies at Apocalypse, so that he was forced to flee.

    Uncanny X-Men #378 and X-men #98 take place in an alternate reality called the AgeS (not the plural) of Apocalypse, which results from the merging of Cyclops and Apocalpyse)

    That is where the story ends!

    Other issues that tie in and may be helpful are Wolverine #145, 146, and 147. The issues of Cable around this time, may have also tied in, but no majo developments took place in either of those two titles.

    Finally, for resolution to the whole Cyclops/ Apocalypse things pick up the 4-issue Search For Cyclops limited series by Joseph Harris and Tom Raney.this took place when cable was on gambit's team during the X-men revolution period . he was there cause he said he felt he had to fill in for cyclops after the merger.

    BTW I'm from the web site Mutatis Mutandis AKA Mutant High.your source for News, previews, and Reference on the X-Men.

    and our

    Mutatis Mutandis MSG forum

    Hang out and talk to other x Men fans or help out on the site. by doing Reviews, News, previews even Role play.

    so I should be able to know.

    after all marvel named us as the best Reference site on the web, which the Marvel Editors listed our site as of most resently as the on the letters page of Uncanny X-Men #471 "As a place to get quick info and good information there." next to our buddys at uncanny X-men .net

    Here's the link that shows the proof too.

    scroll down to what a poster named charley X put up and see for you self. ;)

    Any way I hope I answered this to your satisfation. Take care.

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    He worked with Sabretooth & Mystique Mutant

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