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Diesel trucks?

Why are you not allowed to use starting fluid on diesel trucks?

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    it fires to quickly and i have seen it bend rods as it tries to drive the piston back down backwards the compression in a gas engine is 125 to 175 on a diecel its 450 to 600 the higher compression causes heat that ignites the fuel on a diecel the fuel is sprayed in at combustion to prevent preignition and starting fluid is introduced at intake before compression there is a way to use starting fluid safley but inless you know how to do it correctly youl mess it all up

    it wint hurt the glow plugs

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    You can use starting fluid on some diesels, but only if they do not have glow plugs. On diesel engines equiped with glow plugs for cold weather starting the glow plugs can be damaged from the use of starting fluid. A good substitute for starting fluid is WD-40. However this can still damage the glow plugs. Best to plug the block warmer in if so equiped.

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    Starting diesels with starting fluid is allowed, but only in very small amounts. Too much can actually damage the engine due to the high compression of the engine.

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    I dont know where you are getting you info. I am in the trucking business and would never have a truck started in the dead of winter if it was not for QUALITY starter fluid. Always read the direction and never put to much in an engine.

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    Because diesels have glow plugs that will ignite the starting fluid in the intake manifold, effectively turning your intake into a pipe bomb of sorts.

    Source(s): 10 years as a mechanic (so far!)
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    yes you can use starting fluid in it it tells you directions on the can it will not hurt it are blow it up all the glow plugs do is heat the cylinders. it cannot blow up without combustion. so when you turn the key and wait for the glow plugs to heat up. the starting fluid just helps with igniting couse it will ignite upnder lower pressure than diesel fuel will.

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    gas engines compress mix of gasoline air. in a relation of 8 to 1 that mixture is ignited by an spark.

    diesel engine compress only air in a rate of 21 to one ( at lease 21)

    or 25 to 1 at that moment fuel is injected (direct to combustion chamber) and self burn in the hot air.

    when You use staring fluid 99% of the possibilities is that the piston will never reach the top will back fire.and brake the connecting rod.(or at lease bend it)

    if your truck is under warranty ,You might lose it instantly

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    some of these answers are out there. You can use starting fluid if it is really needed. The engine can get addicted to it and have to have it to start. Sray in the breather and your fine.

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    i own a repair shop,and you can use it on them,i dunno who told you that you cant ,but in the real cold weather it will make them start also, its not as effective as it is on an gas engine ,but it works ,if you not supposed to do it,then i have been breaking the rules for 20 years now,good luck,i hope this help,s.

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    did you know that diesel has to be comprest so it is that hot to fire up!!!!!! stop think

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