Monitor problem screen has dots all over?

Okay, re-installing the drivers did not work. I included a screenshot of what the screen looks like with all those "dots." By the way, the dots are not set in stone. As I navigate around between folders, the dots get worse, some go away, its like a crap shoot.

I took the video card out and wiped off the connections and cleaned some dust off. But still same problem. Also, when the computer boots up at first displaying bios information, the screen is basically all messed up. I cannot make out anything. Then Windows loads and the screen looks a little better.

I also did a virus check and spyware check with no infections.


The screenshot is really not that bad, but it can look a lot worse.

Also, the video card is AGP 2x. Since they are very hard to find, would it be a better idea to switch to a PCI graphics card? I have a few slots open.

Thanks for any help!


I checked using 2 monitors. Both have same problem. So it's not the monitor.

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    Since the screen is messed up during the bios screen it eliminates the driver as being the problem. I think that maybe your video card is frazzled. Since it is an AGP 2x it is obviously a little old. Try getting a AGP 4X card. I am pretty sure it will work. You could switch to a PCI graphics card. Even though the PCI slot is not as fast as the AGP slot for graphics, if you get a video card with more memory than you had before then you will probably not notice much of a performance drop.

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    im assuming its the monitor itself. to double check...well you know...get a different monitor

    good luck!

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