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what is the salary on an average that a fresh MBA degree holder can expect in US/?

if a student has completed his MBA program from an average university in US with average profile,what is the salary could he expect in US?

will be he able to pay the financial aid taken to complete the program.

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    Consultants with MBA degrees:

    Starting salaries with an MBA degree range after bonus (associate position) range from $70,000 to $160,000. These salaries vary with firms and with the region of the country you are in.

    Here's some different job titles of people with mba's, how they got it, and their average salary:

    1) An entry-level Accountant can be promoted to higher paying positions, such as Accounting Manager or Director, with experience and ability. Average Yearly Salary for this Career: $40,562

    2) A high-level Accountant is very capable and a promotion away from being Director of the department. Average Yearly Salary for this Career: $66,029

    3) The Accounting Director works their way through lower positions before reaching this milestone occupation. Average Yearly Salary for this Career: $111,537

    4) A Human Resources Manager works their way from being a Human Resource Generalist or Auditor. Average Yearly Salary for this Career: $79,358

    5) An International Sales Representative can advance their career by being promoted to a high-level position such as International Sales Manager. Average Yearly Salary for this Career: $60,396

    6) A Risk Manager earns their title by succeeding in lower-level risk investment positions. Average Yearly Salary for this Career: $85,396

    7) A Manager works their way up through lower positions. Average Yearly Salary for this Career: $83,135

    Finally, here's what the US Dept of Labor has to say about financial managers, who have mba's:

    Median annual earnings of financial managers were $81,880 in May 2004. The middle 50 percent earned between $59,490 and $112,320. Median annual earnings in the industries employing the largest numbers of financial managers in 2004 were as follows:

    Securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage $129,770

    Management of companies and enterprises 97,730

    Nondepository credit intermediation 88,870

    Local government 67,260

    Depository credit intermediation 64,530

    According to a 2005 survey by Robert Half International, a staffing services firm specializing in accounting and finance professionals, directors of finance earned between $78,500 and $178,250, and corporate controllers earned between $61,250 and $147,250.

    A 2004 survey of manufacturing firms conducted by Abbot, Langer, and Associates, Inc., a human resources management consulting firm, reported the following median annual incomes: chief corporate financial officers, $130,000; corporate controllers, $86,150; cost accounting managers, $67,161; and general accounting managers, $64,100.

    Large organizations often pay more than small ones, and salary levels also can depend on the type of industry and location. Many financial managers in both public and private industry receive additional compensation in the form of bonuses, which, like salaries, vary substantially by size of firm. Deferred compensation in the form of stock options is becoming more common, especially for senior-level executives

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    Depends on the industry and location. If you are in hi-tech and live in Silicon Valley, your salary is going to be way higher. This is due to industry and cost of living. If you are in Consumer Products and live in Texas, it is going to be much lower. Try checking out

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