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deleting internet history?? items not deleting?

just wondering why when i delete history, cookies and temporary files not everything is deleted. if i start to type something in the address bar, then the bar of a load of addresses matchign that letter pops up. how do i delete everything?


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    You have to either turn off your auto-complete option or manually select each item and delete it.

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    If you click the show history icon on the top of the screen a list will appear on the left hand side of your screen showing all the places you have been in the past week or so. Click on the expansion point to view each day and when you have found the culprit. Right click on it and choose delete. Note if you have openend it more than once it will be in the list more than once so may have to delete more than one object. This is the easiest way without deleting the entire history. Altho' you most commonly used websites should be in your favourites and your history deleted every now and then to clear room.

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    You will need to stop AutoComplete.

    Go to Tools>>Internet Options>>Content tab. Click on AutoComplete. Remove the tick next to Web Addresses. Click on Clear forms.

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    You have to use some kind of internet history deleting tools to erase those. They'll stay there forever, so even though you turn off autoaddress function, if someone turns it back on, your dirty porno addresses will show up later.

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    well, privacy software, such as Spysweeper, Privacy Guardian, or McAffee Internet Privacy will do that for you.

    You can find software like that on - but also look at the other links below.

    If you want to do it manually, you have to delete these addresses in the registry (using regedit)

    hopt that helps


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    Check out this links:

    Helpero is a web site that helps every Internet user, from all over the world, solve any computer related problem. You can ask Helpero for free.

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    Nasty pron,no?....if u use firefox just hit tools and Clear Private Data if you're using IE just read above my post

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    lol tryin to hide somthing???

    go to start



    system tools

    disk clean up

    ad tick everything xcept compress old files

    should work

    peace out :)

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    Delete it? Huh? ;)

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    Get yourself Ccleaner : but make sure you read the installation instruction first :

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