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Hitler said that the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it, was he lying?

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    Absolutely he was right, but only for people who lack intellectual curiosity and tend to follow the teachings of others. There are examples of this today:

    1. Belief that JFK was killed as a part of massive conspiracy. Serious scholars that have investigated this claim have found it to be an enormous lie appealing to the uneducated masses who tend to believe that EVERYTHING that seems complicated must have been done by a governmental conspiracy.

    2. The World Trade Center was actually a U.S. government conspiracy to generate support for war in the MIddle East. Again, look at number one for explanation.

    3. AIDS was a government-generated disease designed to reduce the number of blacks in the world. This is too ridiculous to even offer serious comment on.

    4. Alcohol, crack, marijuana, and cocaine are all sent into black communities by the government in order to keep the black man down. Again, the logic behind this suspicision is so bizzarre I cannot even generate a coherent rebuttal.

    And even though these glassy-eyed claims are widly believed, they have no factual support nor rational basis.

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      What a moronic comment. Yeah WTC7 admitted by NIST as having 2.25 secs of freefall could possibly have been perpetrated by the alleged terrorists. FFS!

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    It is hard...

    But, may be i can answer....

    For some, a fact is not the truth...

    But still, the truth is always true....

    A proverbs...made up by a human... can be sometimes true, sometimes wrong...

    It depends on how you see it..

    For some, a leader could be followed only by his charm...

    For some, they open their eyes and ear, and they really think the good and bad sides of the leader...


    Many followed the lie(s)...

    think about:

    the youngs...who got addicted because they think the drugs could help them.. they are trap in the lie..

    the old people...who said that the young generations are all bad... they are living in the lie...not all are bad, right??

    I am an i can tell u bout this...

    Some old people said that it is not healthy to take a bath after 6 pm...yet, it is really helpful to rest the body and mind

    Some people said that cassava leaves will make people sick... yet Indonesian' famous food (nasi padang) is so delicious and never make any harm...

    We, more or less are living in lies...

    either we know it or not...


    So, it really depends on the person itself

    if you can recognize something as a lie and not to follow it... you are wise!!

    But, for some, they are very comfy to live in a lie!!!

    Was Hittler lying??

    It depends...

    He was...and he was not...

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    I would say no. Historically, it's a fascinating subject, (which would be fun to research). But part of what he was saying, is the more widespread, and pervasive a lie is, with more coverage, particularly coming from an 'official' source, the more likely that people will believe it precisely because it is so pervasive. In addition, if the lie is made up in such a way as to be almost patently unbelievable, perversely people will believe it precisely because they can't believe anyone would make up such a lie. A good source on this is wikipedia.

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    you will be able to desire to understand that Hitler became spellbinder interior the political experience. What I mean is that he (and a large style of different politicos, previous and recent), believe that the undemanding guy could no longer believe a small insignificant unimportant lie, yet tell some thing wonderful, and save repeating it human beings will believe. this is a rhetoric, or political speech, right this moment interior the U. S. they call it "spinning" a narrative. It sort of works like this; if enable you comprehend that my enemies have been time-commemorated to vote against issues that are solid for toddlers and as a effect toddlers will die in case you vote for them. Now in actual reality that it is in all hazard a ridiculous declare yet, why could I lie?, it is severe value exceedingly if I teach you that I care approximately toddlers, and promise you what you like in return. Hitler had an schedule, he spoke against Jews and different communities at a time whilst economic situations in Germany the place unfavourable. He advised the large lie and advised it generally, that Germans have been greater advantageous, and that Jews the place in charge for Germany's economic woes. As to your murderer claiming innocence? properly that occurs huge-unfold, purely because of the fact the different component of police claiming they have surprising evidence which will convict.... this is a manner of talking or providing counsel it particularly is declared as sophistry, or rhetoric. it is used to cajole...

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    Read Mein Kampf if you want a true rendition of the statement... He said people are easily manipulated when in large groups and that lies were accepted, regardless of how improbable or illogical, so long as the momentum of the mass' energy and emotion was on the point of frenzy over the concept of dissatisfaction and overcoming... Hitler's analysis of Control in Mein Kampf, when compared to Huxley's Brave New World Revisited Essays are startling when coming to grips with how easy it is to manipulate and control the mindset of a mob of people. It is an has nothing to do with truth or has everything to do with why they are in a mob and what the mob is capable of in their discontent.

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    Yes he was. Because when you've lied so much you don't know the difference between the truth and a lie anymore, and if you believe strongly enough in something some people will believe you. this could go on for ever.

  • Well I do not know if it was in fact Hitler that did say this, in reality this is true. if a person gets caught up in a big lie, they will just believe it. its true even in today's society. I do not have any examples nut its true in a phycological (Spelling??) sense

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    Probably true. Look at all the crap people believe with out ever thinking to question it. For instance, you will catch a cold if you get cold or cold and wet. Not so. Also doesn't lower your resistance.

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    I would have to say that this statement is true, so he wasn't lying. Personally I have found this to be the case.

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    if you repeat a lie so many times it becomes true eg. that there are living amongst the dead who's been to the dead and proved that

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