Why is reconstruction still taking place in the former Confederate States of America?

I know you'll all call me a southern, bigot, racist.

But I just want everyone to know that the Civil War ended in the 1860s. and then "reconstruction" raped the South even further.

Not everyone South of the Mason-Dixon Line is bare foot, with three teeth and a shotgun... except my Grandfather.. and he's a Democrat.

I'm not in favor of Slavery, I'm not racist. I'm just sick of being judged by the area of the country that I was born in. How is that any different than being judged by the color of your skin?

I'm from the South and Proud of it.

Let the bashing begin....

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    I hear ya man. I think we get along down here better than most around the nation. Most of the nation is 88%-10% B to W. We are about 55%-45%. After the war people here were basically all brought down to a similar socioeconomic level (no-one had anything). As far as our level of afflunence; I don't know about you, but I was brought up to believe that we are the most polite, refined, and hospitable people around regardless of monetary status (one may not have money, but should always have class-not as true as it used to be). I've lived other places-I like it here. I like the people, food, weather, fishing, football, and elbow room. Also, I try not to let what others say bother me. I know better. Love the remark ~ your Grandfather, that REALLY made me lol.

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    You are quite right. Being judged based on where you are currently living (unless it is a prison) is discrimination. Interestingly enough, there has been some research done by sociologist which shows that blacks who live in the south are generally happier than those living in the north. While this doesn't change history, it goes to show that the people in the south have gotten over it better than the rest of the country. I am from the mid-west.

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