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    Airbus - French/Germany/Spanish joint mother compary (EADS)... Currently produce aircraft capacity ranging from 100seater A318 to 550seater A380... It has also got a small portion of cargo product with A300F currently still in production but will soon be taken over by A330F... At the same time, Airbus is currently developing military transporter as well with A400M currently in production... In 2006, Airbus has deliveried the most aircraft over all other producer...

    ATR - another French/Germany/Spanish joint compary under EADS... Currently produce regional turbopoper airliner ATR-42 and ATR-72 with capacity 50~80seats respectively...

    Boeing - American compary... Currently has aircraft in production ranging from 120seater B737-600 to 450seater B747-400... And currently they have also in production a varity of cargo airliners with the smaller B767-300ERF and larger B747-400ERF while soon B777-200LRF will join them... Boeing have also got a varity of Military development as well... In 1990, Boeing have taken over another US aircraft manufactory McDonlds Dugolas... In 2006, Boeing has received the most aircraft order over all producer...

    Bombadar - Canadian compary... Currently a aircraft manufactory of regional jets ranging from only 50seater CRJ-200 to up to 100seater CRJ-900... At the same time, they also have the turbopoper airliner the Dash family which currently have Dash8-300 and Dash8-400 with capacity of around 40~50seater...

    Embrare - Brazilian compary... Currently a aircraft manufactory of regional jets ranging from only 40seater ERJ-145 to up to 120seater E-Jet E-195... E-Jet is currently the best seller of the seating range... And also out sold Airbus A318 and Boeing B737-600 which have similar capacity to E-195... They are currently the best selling regional jet manufactory...

    Tupolev - Russian compary... Currently a Russian manufactory of jets ranging from 100seater Tu-334 to upto 200seater Tu-214... They have their history dating back to 1920's... But now Russian compary have became less and less popular because of their airliner lack of efficiency... So now only poor countries which are lack of fund to buy Boeing/Airbus more efficient or those who are banned from US for getting Western airliners, so only limited airliner are produced...

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