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Your favorite song ever ...?

Any genre.

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    Pop songs that i love :

    time to letting go - michael bolton

    now that i found you - michael bolton

    lost for words - glenn medeiros

    me - u = blue - glenn medeiros

    i still believe in you - vince gill

    I'll remember you - atlantic starr

    you - dolly parton

    i can wait forever - air supply

    teardrops - radio

    sail over seven seas - gina t

    nothing gonna change my love for you - george benson

    knife - rockwell

    hello - lionel richie

    raise me up - josh groban

    melodramma - andrea bocelli

    one last cry - brian mc knight

    close to heaven - color me badd

    beautiful girl - jose marichan

    i will be here - michael w smith

    i thought you'd never let me go - pavel rozak

    against all odds - phil collins

    the diamantina drover - redgum

    it might be you - stephen bishop

    heaven knows - rick price

    a shoulder to cry on - tommy page

    another day in paradise - phil collins

    tears in heaven - eric clapton

    sometimes love just ain't enough - patty smith & don henley

    love so beautiful - michael bolton

    love will keep us alive - the eagles

    hotel california - the eagles

    someday - all 4 one

    set a drift on memory bliss - pm dawn

    don't go - stevie b

    waiting for your love - stevie b

    i will be right here - all 4 one

    one sweet day - boyz ii men

    you needed me - boyzone

    remember when - color me badd

    don't wanna loose you - gloria estefan

    in love with you - jacky cheung & regine

    stay the same - joey mc entyre

    open arms - journey

    go the distance - michael bolton

    that's why - MLTR

    truly madly deeply - savage garden

    a whole new world - peabo bryson

    love will lead you back - taylor dayne

    cherish - kool and the gang

    please forgive me - bryan adams

    everything i do - bryan adams

    missing you now - michael bolton

    it must have been love - roxette

    out of the blue - MLTR

    Rock ballads :

    nobody's fool - cinderella

    before the dawn - judaspriest

    open arms - journey

    i'll see you in my dreams - giant

    save our love - yngwie j malmsteen

    wasted sunset - deep purple

    soldier of fortune - deep purple

    goodbye to romance - ozzy osbourne

    so tired - ozzy osbourne

    love hurt - nazareth

    homburg - procol harum

    whiter shade of pale - procol harum

    street of dream - rainbow

    can't let you go - rainbow

    he ain't heavy he is my brother - the hollies

    lea - the cats

    scarlet ribbon - the cats

    changes - black sabbath

    i want to know what love is - foreigner

    hotel california - the eagles

    love will keep us alive - the eagles

    heaven - bryan adams

    dreaming - yngwie johan malmsteen

    she's gone - steelheart

    when the children cry - white lion

    is this love - whitesnake

    sweet child 'o mine - GNR

    november rain - GNR

    don't cry - GNR

    wind of change - scorpions

    show me the way - styx

    more than words - extreme

    the ballad of jane - la guns

    try to find me - gorky park

    don't know what you got - cinderella

    sister luck - the black crowes

    without you - vain

    being there - tora tora

    send me an angel - scorpions

    always - bon jovi

    silent night - bon jovi

    reason to live - kiss, oh hear this one - from Crazy night album.

    love of a lifetime - firehouse

    carrie - europe

    when i see you smile - bad english

    one step from paradise - danger danger

    heaven - warrant

    spanish guitar - gary moore

    when the children cry - white lion

    is this love - whitesnake

    to be with you - mr big

    why can't this be love - van halen

    silent lucidity - queensryche

    high enough - damn yankees

    always gonna love you - gary moore

    one day - gary moore

    make time for love - warlock

    without your love - TNT

    take my hand - treat

    tears of fire - keel

    susie - gringos locos

    a matter of time - jeff paris

    it's love - no exqze

    when the world comes down - magnum

    for your love - paganini

    don't wanna be your fool - quiet riot

    you're all i need - motley crue

    home sweet home - motley crue

    more than words can say - alias

    standing alone - tyketto

    when i look into your eyes - firehouse

    no stranger to love - black sabbath

    Metal songs :

    agent orange - sodom

    among the vietkong - sodom

    arise - sepultura

    black x'mas - venom

    blood of the kings - manowar

    bound to break - anthem

    brain dead - exodus

    cathedral - fifth angel

    chain gang woman - malice

    choose your death - necrodeath

    chopper attack - battleaxe

    church of lies - blasphereion

    coma of souls - kreator

    cowboys from hell - pantera

    cry out for metal - vampyr

    d.i.e - hallows eve

    death tools - necronomicon

    deny the cross - overkill

    harmony corruption - napalm death

    heavy metal is the law - helloween

    hit the light - metallica

    i profit - violence

    it's not love - dokken

    lisence to kill - malice

    lurking in the dark - king diamond

    master of the earth - gravestone

    metal health - quiet riot

    metal militia - metallica

    middle age - killer

    morbid reality - hexx

    raze - exodus

    reek of putrefaction - carcass

    ride the sky - helloween

    rock n roll children - dio

    rock the nation - krokus

    round and round - ratt

    s.d.i. - loudness

    shot in the dark - vow wow

    sodomy and lust - sodom

    something wicked - nuclear assault

    south of heaven - slayer

    subterfudge - violence

    take hold of the flame - queensryche

    tanathoid - necrodeath

    the american way - sacred reich

    the eye - king diamond

    the pack - meliah rage

    time to kill - overkill

    time will tell - fifth angel

    to f*cking hell - victim

    tons of bricks - metal church

    tormentor - kreator

    up to the limit - accept

    waiting for the night - saxon

    war ensemble - slayer

    welcome to hell - venom

    you're in love - ratt

    la cancion del guerrero - rata blanca

    the pack is back - raven

    officer nice - violence

    black feather shake - panic

    6669 - coven

    master of puppets - metallica

    screaming for vengeance - judaspriest

    alice in hell - annihilator

    anti social - anthrax

    manitou - venom

    kings of metal - manowar

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    1 decade ago

    Stranglehold- Ted Nugent


    Someday Never Comes- CCR

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Very difficult to answer as it's always changing. But I think my all-time favorite song would have to be "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix. The guitar work is amazing.

  • 1 decade ago

    Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb.'

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hurt me soul - lupe fiasco

    and um a million other songs, but this is my favorite at the moment.

  • 4 years ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody is seriously overplayed. Queen has better songs than that. I dunno. A Drug adverse to conflict, through KMFDM. Rime of the historic Mariner, through Iron Maiden. or perchance Land of Rape and Honey, through Ministry. Or pictures of You, through The treatment. Hell, i do not recognize.

  • "Dominique (Original French Version)" - The Singing Nun (she's actually Belgian)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    UMMMMMM it always changes, but for right now, hound dog by elvis presley. i'm obsessed with elvis

  • 1 decade ago

    right now it's, Jimi hendrix's, Little Wing,, well maybe my version of it:):):),, still Jimi's tune

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