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why isn't it good to eat chocolate and spicy food when you are pregnant?

i heard from a friend that it isn't good to eat chocolate and spicy food when you are pregnant. is it true? if it is, then why? when i heard about this, i got worried about my other friend, who is pregnant. i mean it. don't think that i'm the one who is pregnant because i'm not. she always seems to eat at least one spicy food everyday and chocolate and other sweets almost once every week (since she has a sweet tooth). please help me, so i can help my friend. thank you so much.

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    I ate chili dogs alot during all four of my pregnancies (cravings) and the doctors never had a problem with it. If it doesn't cause heartburn or other discomfort, it shouldn't be a problem. Eating sweets once a week won't hurt her.

    You hear lots of pregnancy myths. Relax and don't worry so much. If your friend starts eating dirt or laundry starch or something, advise her to talk to her doctor since that indicates a lack of a certain mineral in her diet. Otherwise, just share in her joy. You're a good friend to be so concerned about her and her baby.

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    Spicy food doesn't usually hurt the baby, but later on the baby can start to taste the things you eat in your belly so might start doing backflips and kicking you if it is spicy. Also, it can cause heartburn and though uncomfortable does not hurt the baby. I eat spicy foods because I do not get nauseated but I also limit how much because of heartburn. Also, I am a jalapeno lover and banana peppers on my sub sandwiches at Subway so no there is nothing to worry about. I don't know why chocolate would be bad either other than it contains alot of sugar, and may make you gain a little more weight. Those would be the only things I know of.

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    I eat chocolate and spicy food all the time, just like I did with my first pregnancy. He turned out fine, and this one is 5 months along and healthy. I don't know where your information came from, but its incorrect. I would think that if you eat too much spicy food you might get heartburn. If you eat too much chocolate you'll get fat. But arn't those things that happen when your not pregnant as well. Its all about common sense.

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    chocolate is not good if you eat too much of it (plus there's the caffein). It should not replace eating good food, but for occasional treats and in small portions it should be OK. For spicy foods, it probably is more related to heartburn. I continued to eat jalapenos when I was pregnant and never had any problems except towards the end when baby was starting to grow up into my ribcage.

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    Chocolate has a lot of empty calories and caffeine and spicy food can give you heartburn. If she isn't getting heartburn and is eating chocolate in moderation she should be fine.

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    wow!! some old wives tales come back to haunt some of us!! no, eating chocolate and spicy food won't hurt you at all. the only thing that hurts is the reflux or heartburn! i crave hot sauce all the time!!! and i really don't like chocolate much, but have cravings for it here and there! she should be fine. just watch that she doesn't eat much, you don't want a bubble butt later on!! ;o) Just kidding, but watch the calorie intake! good luck!

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    I guess I'm im big trouble now...I ate a Godiva a day during my last month of pregnancy. As far as the spicy foods...Home made chili...burritos...and enchiladas...Yeah I ate them when I was pregnant. Can't do real spicy foods any longer though...but that has more to do with age.

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    Well, chocolate has caffeine and empty calories so it isn't good for the baby but in moderation it really won't hurt the baby.

    Spicy food will not hurt the baby but it may give you indigestion.

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    I eat chocolate all the time-not a lot at once but I eat a little almost everyday. I eat spicy food on occasion and have had no problems other than a little heartburn maybe.

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    Chocolate isnt high on the list while you are pregnant due to the caffeine in it.

    Spicy food -- most likely because of possible heart burn issues.

    But it all differs for everyone.

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