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Why are liberals silent about Condoleeza Rice's accomplishments as Black American woman?

Liberals will never admit Condoleeza is the materialization of what Civil Rights activists, feminists and social watchdogs for decades have fought.

Condoleeza embodies hard work and dedication: an accomplished pianist, figure skater, the youngest provost in American history from Stanford all BEFORE being the first Black woman as US Secretary of State.

Is she not the milestone liberals are looking for?

Interestingly, National Organization for Women endorsed Moseley Braun's 2002 presidential run.

NOW's statement: "Moseley Braun's candidacy is a prime example of what feminists strive for—women moving up through all levels of political office. We are proud to have this strong and accomplished woman running for the highest office in the land--"

What's the problem? Would Condoleeza normally be an accomplished Black woman, but chose to be a Republican instead?

Is liberals' silence about Rice and her achievements show they are more about "politics" than about "people"?

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    Probably because her failures as a Bushbot have erased any hi-lights she made in the past.

  • amg503
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    Condoleeza Rice is the materialization of what Civil Rights activists, feminists and social watchdogs for decades have fought. You happy now?

    Yes, 50 years ago, nobody would have imagined someone of her gender or skin color as Secretary of State. And she, like everyone else, has the freedom to choose what party she wants to be a member of.

    The reason Democrats do not like her is simply because she is part of the Bush Administration, and we don't care for President Bush. That's the sole reason. I don't care if she looks like Alexander Haig; we'd feel the same way then, too.

    If you have a problem with the NOW not touting Secretary of State's Rice achievements, I suggest you contact NOW, as I'm sure they don't actively monitor Answers.

  • 4 years ago

    It's people like her that will put me and my Cuz Al out of business. Just who does she think she is, comin in here all educated, confident, and the nerve of her to actually apply herself and be her own person, and additionally she wasn't given the position because she was Black, but because she was the best most qualified person. WHO the heck she think she be! She has even stood up to the President and not back away. Down with her! If every Black was like her - Well I, I, I, I would have to actually go to work and earn a living, so me and Al say "Thumbs down to her!" Regards, Jessie Jackson

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    I think you admitted that she is the materialization of what Civil Rights activists, feminists and social watchdogs have fought for. So she couldn't have happened without liberals paving the way. But I don't think liberals are satisfied that you can be a black woman in politics as long as you parrot the b.s. the administration is pushing. What would really be a bigger milestone is if a black woman could succeed in politics without having to lie for her superiors.

    But thats just me and I'm just one liberal. Unlike republicans lately, we don't all say the same thing, i.e. no talking point memos here.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because she is basically a sellout. She supports racist bush and the right wing extreme. She does nothing for her own people. For example, she was shopping when the levees broke in New orleans and she continued to shop as if nothing happened. She is whitewashed and she about as black as Clarence Thomas is., lol. Moseley Braun is a strong black women who looks how for her community.

  • Emma
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    Liberals and the media in general disregarded her being the first black female Secretary of State. But then they all went psycho when Pelosi was named first female Speaker.

    People think they're for blacks far more than Republicans are. It's such a load of crap. I think they've been ignoring Rice and pretending not to care about her achievements because of it. Her politics have nothing to do with it to them. Which is just one more thing to add to the list of reasons as to why they're idiots.

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    It's aways politics vs. people.

    the only reason the far left keep the disguise of caring in place is because it helps their turn out % in the polls.

    helping is not telling some one they are too stupid or useless to achieve things on their own, and yet that's what they tell minorities all the time.

    Had She been a liberal I can promise she would courted to run for president. As a Conservative she is labeled a "race traitor" and a "yes man".

    But no self-respecting lefties would ever admit to being a hypocrite, they will say... well some of the comments they already posted.

    Hypocrisy is a wondrous thing when you see it in the sun light.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The same reason they didn't give Powell any credit. God forbid african american's choose to be active in the republican party. Through Rice and Powell's intellectual achievments and eloquence, they have brought respectability back to public service. I wish politics weren't so bruital so they would consider running for president. Unfortunitly the truly good people won't put their families through it.

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    Good question! It's because they truly can't stand the fact that she's a Black Republican, so they discredit her intelligence and downplay her achievements. They think she's a "sell out", when nothing is further from the truth. They hate the fact that a black person who's Republican is an empowered black person.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Let's see... is the first black woman to lie to a Senate Judiciary Committee really a landmark that African Americans want to celebrate?

    How about first black woman who's piss-poor work ethic helped result in the death of nearly 3,000 innocent people?

    You know, I'm not black but I'm pretty sure she's not going to be remembered for much besides sticking her nose so far up Bush's as*hole she can see if his hat's on straight.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ... I admit she is... "a materialization of what civil rights activists, feminists and social watchdogs for decades have fought for"

    dude, you're so wrong about that they will never admit it... see...

    I don't know about "milestone" exactly though... maybe...

    are you mad they didn't endorse Condi or something? she's not even running? and didn't run? what does the NOW have to do with it? that she was on the team? is that what you're saying?

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