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my car subwoofer stopped working...why?

i have one 12" sub & it was working fine, but now it just stopped working. Usually when something is wrong, my amplifier indicates the problem, but right now the amplifier looks normal, but the subs dont work. The amp is powered, so its not the fuse, and the light that indicates if my sub is blown is not on, so i dont think the subs blown. Any idea what could be wrong?


ok..the sub works only when i push in the middle of the sub with my hand. the voice coils & the wires seem fine. what could that mean?...btw its a single voice coil sub

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    check your RCA cables between your CD player and amp, as well as checking your subwoofer connection. Amps usually dont trip a protect/problem light if either of these happened. Also make sure, if your CD player has this option, that the RCA jacks are enabled.

    If both of those are good and the power light for the amp is on, then try pushing down on the cone of the sub enough so it moves maybe an inch. If you feel grinding, or unusual resistance (doesnt go smoothly) the sub is blown. If neither of those happen, pull the sub out and shake it a bit, if you hear rattling from inside, the voice coil fell off (yes, I've blown subs to that point)

    The last thing you could check for the problem is swapping the amp into a buddy's car (preferably someone who already has one hooked up, so its not as much hassle) to see if it works in their car too.

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    If at first view, the amp looks like it's fine, check the wiring to the sub. It can sometimes vibrate loose, even if you're using a quick-connect or other type of connecter. If it wasn't crimped down enough on the speaker wire, the wire may have slipped out after time. Once those are checked and deemed to be in good shape, I'd work my way back through to the amp and just double check fuses. Don't give 100% to those little lights on the amp. They can give a false positive sometimes. Besides, you put time and money into building this system,... and if you paid someone to set it up for you, it's now time to get intimate with your own stereo system.

    The chances of the sub just not working all of a sudden is slim to none. Even if it was blown, you'd still get some noise out of it. If it's completely dead, you most likely have a loose wire somewhere. Good luck and happy hunting!

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    Wire your amp to a friends sub and see theres works then you can then fault find from the amp if it does,

    But it sounds like the voice coils have gone.

    Commen problem when putting to much bass to a sub with a high watt amp.

    If the sub says ie..400watt max dont mean a 400 watt amp is ok its all to do with the oms.

    But give it a try and see your amp will say its ok as its still putting the voltage to it but it wont read if voice coils have burnt out.

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    As long as you have power to the amp and you've checked the wiring from the radio to the amp, then you may have blown a power transistor in the unit. Sounds like a trip to the audio repair shop.

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    check to see if the power cable hasnt come out of the sub...and if that is fine,check if that cable is even getting power,change the fuse just to be sure

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    Speaker wire came off the connector?

  • Anonymous
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    blew a fuse in it

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    hole ???

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