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Should I be concerned, and get help?

It took Drs 22 years but they finally found Benign Essential Tremor, Hypoglycemia, and a Gluten-intolerance. My diet is very restrictive, and I get sick really easy from bad stuff. On the other side I've been diagnosed with anorexia about 3 times, but haven't done much about it. I've been that way since I was a child. I actually never even had a growth spurt. I'm 5'0" and slightly smaller than small boned. Its always been my eating habits to never really eat that much. I wasn't concerned until yesterday really. My weight is normal, its 101lbs & I'm about 18% body fat. My body is just truly really tiny. It didn't concern me until... at about 108lbs I filled out a 32D bra size.... Today, I had to go buy 32Bs. I've gone down 2 cup sizes in like...2 or 3 months I think. My rib cage doesn't show or anything. It really didn't concern me until yesterday. It felt like I was going to go unconcious, and I wouldn't eat.


If its cold in the house (less than 70 degrees), my hands literally feel like ice (and no I'm not exaggurating). I get cold extremely easily. On the other side, I can't tolerate heat very well. 80 degrees and above makes my heart race, and I feel really faint. It feels extra hard on my body.

Update 2:

My doctor used to be on me all the time. Testing for Ketones once a week, and I only had them once. She wants me to be 101lbs, but I've been that before... and it feels too heavy on my frame.

Update 3:

I also went to a christian psychologist. She said that I'm fine, and didn't need to come back unless I felt stressed about something....

I'm really not sure how to take this situation.

Update 4:

I completely forgot.... But about 2 weeks ago I could NOT fit in a 25. Now, I'm wearing a 0 from express and its loose on me.

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    please see a doc and tell her exactly everything that you just told us. life is better when you are 100% healthy.

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    well 101 is a ok weight to be you don't want to go under 100 .You have to eat to live try those shakes that have alot of calories in them to get you through the day and eat a salad or something Light but don't starve your Self,

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    go to the hospital

    sry i cant think of anything Else

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