what happens if a live person stays in water for days? weeks? months? without leaving it but do eat/drink etc?

I know what happens to a dead body, the sweeling and generally ick. But if someone just immersed themselves in water, with proper breathing devices, and no protection. How would it affect them? They have water, food, and waste facilities. I looked up why skin wrinkles and shipwreck survivors and immersion tanks with little help to my question. And hypothetically this is clean water, not dirty water so I don't think the water torture stuff applies.

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    Yeah, David Blaine did that for an extended period of time. Basically your skin would be ruined and start falling off of your body. Your muscles would get extremely sore. The bodie's cells are hypotonic to the surrounding water, meaning that they will take in water and swell. Usually the skin prevents water from reaching the muscles of your body but over an extended period the skin would saturate, tear and then water would reach the muscles which would swell and cause severe pain. I don't know how long someone could live that way, but I would guess around 1 month at the most. I don't think I want to try though.

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    Actually, the same thing that happens with a dead body will happen with a live person. The skin will absorb the water and swell to a point, but eventually the flesh will become so saturated that you could actually pull it off of the bone with very little effort after they've been submerged for that length of time. It would take longer than a day to reach this point, but it will happen.

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    It has to do with the condition of your skin. There are oils and fats that help to make you essentially "water proof" but those oils can be washed away. Then that leaves you open to osmotic pressure. You have more salt inside your cells than outside. Less water inside your cells than outside. Water moves from areas of high concentration to low....in this case, from the outside of the cell to the inside. Cells swell, you wrinkle like a prune. If this goes on too long...days or weeks,...it begins to damage your skin (which is VERY important for separating your insides from the harsh, cruel world!) Damaged skin leads to fluid imbalance, ion imbalance and really big trouble for anyone trying to maintain homeostasis. And homeostasis is what its all about.

    Source(s): I teach biology
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    i dont know what happens 2 dead ppl

    but did u c that David Blaine thing?

    he stayed under water 4 a week and his skin got really thin and could break really easily

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    Exactly your body is made up of i think 70% water i think dont qoute me! Anyway if your cells suck in more water your skin does expand and the slightest touch could break it open and you could bleed to death! Make sense?

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    This is a really interesting question, and I have my guesses but not an informed answer.

    By the way, any of you other answerers care to cite your sources?

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    did you see david blane?

    he was under the water for a week but his skin got all wrinklely and stuff.



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    Hypothermia. Yes you can die of hypothermia unless the water is really close to body temp.

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    just ask David Blane

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