After back surgery and a severe postop Staph infection with need of insertion of PICC line for antibiotics my?

After back surgery and a severe postop Staph infection with need of insertion of PICC line for antibiotics my life has changed. My stamina, immunity and mental psyche have all suffered. I have been unable to work since 2004. I applied for SSDI benefits yet 6 of our 15 judges (for judiciary hearings for eligibility) have been removed and placed elsewhere. I receive no monies or aid either from Medicaid or Medicare or anything else for that matter. Husband is retired and we are on fixed income. I am considered as being solvent enough to pay for $1000/mo for meds, doctors visits, and also pay a health insurance premium. After 44+ years of working as a health care professional, I have found my own care now stands in limbo. What about folks like me who are awaiting help, have no income and require regular doc visits with Rxs? I am a person with the necessary pride in America and believe this is an unimaginable problem with no solution. I appreciate any input from your venue. Thanks.

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    I too was colonised w/ HA/MRSA in Aug 2002. I did not get approval of ssdi benefits until feb 2004 and then had to wait an additional year to get Medicare(making me eligible to see specialists). first it is immportant to claim stress and mental health issues on top of the physical . It is important to have Dr's verify these conditions and even write letters in support. The questionaires I recieved from the SSI Admin were insanely worded that I would not answer the quesrtions appropriately . I finally had a friend ask the questions and fill in the answers so to avoid what sounded like ramblings and desperate pleas. The first skill that is compromised by any ailing person is the ability to communicate (both receptive and expressive) Do you have someone to help do these things for you and when was your claim started in which state and where is it at now. I will help you if you need. Just let me know. Also check out MRSA Yahoo groups (you may want to run this by Christina A The founder) and

    Best to you ----ToddMichael

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    Your situation is not unusual. I have a parent who has had the same problem and was hospitalized many many times and had PICC lines inserted and removed many many times. Your situation can take a long time to recover from and I can understand your frustration that sometimes medical procedures and professional can appear cold and clinical and the patient is left feeling like a VICTIM! Health care seems to have evolved into a cold and heartless vocation. We need to put CARE back into health care. Dignity and respect are lacking in a big way especially in hospitals. Many people are suffering from medical procedures why must they suffer emotional anxiety from their treatments? Patient advocacy is the answer.

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    for excellent advice about navigating the problems of getting approved for SSDI I suggest you join and monitor the Yahoo group Suggest you join using a Yahoo account under other than your real name.

    This is a moderated group with lots of smart people including many SS professionals that can help guide you through applying for SSDI and related appeals.

    Also suggest you read up about the antibiotic ointment Bactroban, which is an essential tool for anyone dealing with current or past staph issues. Use intranasal Bactroban applied to inside of nose with a q-tip anytime you are at hospital to lessen your chances of reinfection.

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  • I hate to hear stories like yours. This is totally unfair what you're going through.

    My suggestion is to contact your local representative or congressperson. Tell them what's happening to you. Their office staff can help you.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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