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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

My wife's water borke early and has been on bed rest for 16 days. Is this considered a disability under FHA?

She had kept an apartment in Austin Texas and is hospitalized in Dallas. Her move out date was at the end of the month- we had planned to drive down and clean it up, but her illness precludes that. We have arranged to have the Salvation Army pick up the furniture in the apartment, but the landlord refuses to accompany them to the apartment because he claims it is a violation of the Fair Housing Act. We believe that he is actually in violation of the Fair Housing Act because he is refusing to make a reasonable accomodation to rules and regulations to someone with a disability. Who is right? Are we covered with a disability under the FHA?


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    Wow, that's a tough situation. Call your local FHA office.

    TX Dallas Field Office

    525 Griffin Street

    Room 860

    Dallas, TX 75202-5032


    Field Office Director (214) 767-8300

    Fax (214) 767-8973

    I don't know if this is THE person you will need but he should at least be able to tell you who to talk to. Good Luck!! I wish your wife and baby well!

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