need pictures of 7 shot revolvers u s revolver company produced from 1910 -1930. iver johnson took them over?

trying to find value and date made of my u s revolver with 9 inch barrel and serial no.25427 can't seem to find any info. double action 7 shot pull out pin cylinder. in good condition with excellent pistol grips with u s stamped on upper side any info would be appreciated thanks

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    IVER JOHNSON ARMS, INC. Previously manufactured in Fitchburg, MA, 1883-1984 and Jacksonville, AR 1984-1993. Formerly Johnson Bye & Co. 1871-1883. Renamed Iver Johnson & Co. in 1871 until 1891. Renamed Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works in 1891 with manufacturing moving to Fitchburg, MA. In 1975 the name changed to Iver Johnson's Arms, Inc., and two years later, company facilities were moved to Middlesex, NJ. In 1982, production was moved to Jacksonville, AR under the trade name Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. In 1983, Universal Firearms, Inc. was acquired by Iver Johnson Arms, Inc.

    Iver Johnson Arms was sold in March of 1987 and was acquired by American Military Arms Corporation (AMAC). AMAC ceased operations in early 1993.

    I don't recall or see listings for any 7 shot revolver. They made quite a few 5,6,8, and 9 shot handguns.

    Any model number or other features on your gun?

    Source(s): 27th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values
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    If you wanna ID it by a picture, go to a bookstore and look in a "Blue Book of Gun Values" or similar publication.

    (it's worth 120$-175$ depending on exact model and condition.)

    In good condition, they are decent shooters, and due to the fact they aren't worth terribly much, you probably should just think of it as such.

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