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How many children of movies stars have followed in their parents footsteps in the movie business?

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    wow, good question here are a few.

    Michael Douglas son of kirk Douglas

    Kate Hudson daughter of Goldie Hawn

    Jeff and beau bridges sons of Lloyd bridges

    Jamie lee Curtis daughter of tony Curtis

    tahnee welch daughter of raquel welch

    Joelly fisher daughter of and Connie Stevens and Eddie fisher

    Carrie fisher daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie fisher

    Hayley mills and Juliet mills daughters of john mills

    Tatum Oneal daughter of Ryan Oneal

    Sofia Coppola daughter of the director Coppola

    Ron Howard and Clint Howard sons of lance Howard and jean Speegle Howard

    Bryce Howard daughter of Ron Howard.

    Mariska hargitay, mickey hargitay Jr., and Jayne Marie Mansfield, children of Jayne Mansfield.

    Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave daughters of sir Michail Redgrave

    Joelly and Natasha Richardson daughters of tony Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave

    drew Barrymore daughter of john drew Barrymore and granddaughter of john Barrymore

    Bridget Fonda, daughter of peter Fonda and granddaughter of Henry Fonda

    Larry hagman, son of Mary martin

    Lorenzo lamas, son of Arlene dahl and Fernando lamas

    Miguel ferrer, son of rosemary clooney and Jose ferrer

    George clooney, son of nick clooney

    Charlie sheen and Emilio estervez Ramon estevez and Renee estevez, children of martin sheen

    James mac Arthur adopted son of Helen Hayes

    matthew broderick, son of actor james broderick

    alison eastwood and kyle eastwood children of clint eastwood

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    This would take eons to research. There have probably been thousands upon thousands of people that fall into this category. A quick list from memory would include Charlie Sheen and Emilio Esteves (sons of Martin Sheen), Michael Douglas (son of Kirk Douglas), Carrie Fisher (daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher), and Jamie Lee Curtis (daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis), to name a few.

    I always thought it was interesting that Janet Leigh in her role as Marion Crane in Psycho gave us the scream to which all other horror movie screams were compared until her daughter started doing the Halloween series and took over the mantle. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all... especially when the apple is chopped off by some homicidal maniac.

    Another interesting side note on this topic is the movie It Runs In The Family. This movie stars many Douglas family members including Kirk and lesser known actor Diane (Kirk's wife and Michael's mom) as the elder members of a family with Michael playing their son and Cameron Douglas (Michael's son) playing their grandson.

    Nepotism is alive and well in Hollywood.

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    Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn), Elisa Mineley (don't know how to spell name and just can't think of mothers name at moment), Michael Douglas (Kirk Douglas) thats all that i can think of.

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