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Which is better? Air Canada or WestJet?

I've only flown once, and that was with Air Canada. They misplaced an entire plane full of luggage... Is WestJet significantly better than Air Canada? The flight I want is a bit more expensive with WestJet, but I'm worried about having a repeat of the Air Canada incident, which would be absolutely devastating on this trip.

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    Air Canada has been a "national airline", and as such, was forced to provide service to places that were not profitable in order to provide service to all. In these changing times, with deregulation and all, Air Canada has had to shed most of these non-profitable routes, and get rid of excess staff to get themselves out of the red. They are not there yet and still have trouble competing with bargain basement operations like WestJet. Air Canada has probably one of the best safety, and service record in the world over the last fifty years. I will be the first to admit that Westjet seems to be a well run organization but but we are comparing apples and oranges. A

    Air Canada /Air Canada Jazz and WestJet both offer a great domestic product with brand new airplanes, nice friendly staff and great on-board service such as PTVs.

    It all depends on what you like and if you are willing to take the chance to fly Air Canada again.

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    I have flown dozens of times with Air Canada and never had any unpleasant incidents. I would rate the standards of professionalism at Air Canada has every bit as good as Westcott, perhaps even a little higher.

    I will concede only two things: l first, Air Canada has any very annoying policy of having its lost baggage claims call center in India, where the extremely heavy accents of the staff make communication very difficult. Second, Air Canada has "farmed out" some of its domestic routes to its subsidiary Jazz, which operates relatively small regional jets, which often lack the cargo space to carry all of the passenger luggage that should be put aboard. As a result, some of the suitcases are left behind and arrive hours, even days, later. That is extremely frustrating and is a problem that West Jet faces much less often because it uses somewhat larger Boeing 737 airliners.

    So, all in all, the two airlines are very close in performance.

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    Air Canada or WestJet airlines is good to travel. I think both airlines more expensive. Voyages Booth airline reservation in lowest price.

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    WEST JET !!!!!!!!

    Service is way nicer !!!!!!!!!! They responded to my requests with respect and prompt attention, and they are friendly too, with a respectfull, fun sense of humour. I enjoyed every flight with WestJet.

    Also, I never had any problem with luggage,

    and once, I left my drivers license "wallet" (it was my fault I left it) on my seat and I did not even know it. WestJet called me soon afterwards and told me I could pick it up at their office safe if I prove my identity with other ID.

    Air Canada service sucks. It was cold, unfriendly to me.

    There are reasons why West Jet is a successful private company that survives and grows while other airlines struggle and get unfair handouts and special treatment from Government.

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    I prefer Westjet, I find them friendlier and they have a more modern fleet, but I usually fly AC because of Aeroplan.

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