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I need some helpful potty training techniques for my son!?

My son is 1 year and 9 months old. This is a good time for him to start getting potty trained right? I would like for him to be potty trained as soon as possible.

Any suggestions? He knows when he has to go but, he just does not want to go.

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    It's a good time to start introducing him to the toilet/potty but it is a littlle early for him to have bladder control or remember to go. Try putting cherio's in the toilet for aim and just let them run around naked and take to the toilet every hour (when they show more sign of interest) and always have a potty party when they sit on it. I had my daughter potty trained at 2 but my son was almost 3.

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    Is he READY to be potty trained? How do you KNOW that he knows when he has to go? The fact that you want him potty trained as ASAP means nothing. First of all it takes a great deal of time, consistency and patience to FULLY potty train, it doesn't happen in a week or two.

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    My son wasn't ready for a long time. But it may have just been him. It really took other kids teasing him about wearing pull ups to get it through to him. And the facination with public restrooms. Cheerios and Fruit loops were good. Plus letting him pee in the snow or on trees was amazing to him.

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    It may be embarrassing for the father but learning by example is the best i feel. The father can play an active role by encouraging the son to follow him when he goes to the loo. Also, make the potty look interesting by adding stickers or decorations. It may help.

    This may help too:

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    I know that with my cousin and brother they put Cheerios in the toilet and had them play "target practice." It kind of turned it into a game... and apparently it worked.

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