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Have you ever been to Vietnam?

My partner and I have been thinking about visiting Vietnam on vacation, but we have no clue about how to get there, hotels, food, etc. Can you help?

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    Go to and fill in a few blanks to search for flights to Vietnam. You can fly to Hanoi (HAN) or HCMC(Saigon, airport code SGN)) depending on where you want to start your visit. in Vietnam. You even can fly to Haiphong (HPH), Da Nang (DAD) or Hue (HUI) also but those are smaller airports.

    For package tours or hotel reservations within Vietnam, go to

    Following is what I wrote recently in reply to a similar question on this site:

    "..... I've traveled through North and Central America, Europe and Asia and never have I come across a country so beautiful and interesting and a people so friendly, open, engaging and so optimistic as Vietnam and the Vietnamese. The accomodations are mostly new or recently renovated, modern, clean, very attractive and reasonably priced and the food is the best this side of heaven: fresh, flovorful and low in fat.

    .... It will be my second visit in recent years. We will be there for three weeks later this year and plan to visit:

    1. Ho Chi Minh City (the former Saigon): The largest city and the most dynamic economic area of Vietnam. On our agenda: The Reunification Hall (the Old Independence Palace) where presidents of the old South Vietnam lived and worked. Ben Thanh Market: Easily the largest market place in the world. Cholon: Vietnam's Chinatown. Museum of War Remnants: displays of war crimes committed by the American side.

    2. Cu Chi Tunnels: The tunnel system that sheltered ressitance fighters during the war . Not far from Saigon.

    3. Mui Ne Resort: A seaside resort area full of beautiful and luxurious hotels/bungalos. Near the city of Phan Thiet and just 160 miles North of Saigon.

    4. Vinpearl Resort: Another 150 miles up the coast from Mui Ne. Near the City of Nha Trang. The diving capital of Vietnam. Even better than in Thailand.

    5. Hoian: An old mideaval harbor town once thriving with traders from other countries and hosted several international settlements. There are now several famous tailor shops in the area: you can have suits, shirts and dresses made exactly to your measurements and in any style of your choice for a fraction of what you pay for an off the rack item in the US. They'll even ship the items home for you or you can pick them up at the shop within a couple of days. Hoian has been designated a Unesco Heritage Site. North of Nha Trang but South of Hue.

    6. Hue: The old Imperial City locating about half way between Hanoi and Saigon, also not far from the coast. We'll visit the old Imperial Palace and the tombs of the Nguyen Emperors nearby.

    7. Halong Bay: The beautiful bay in Northern Vietnam, full of natural wonders. Also a Unesco world heritage site.

    8. Sapa: the hill town with a great local market where you can buy local craft products from colorfully-garbed inhabitants who are members of Vietnam's mountain minorities. We have also arranged for a visit to a minority village.

    9. Dienbienphu: In the Northwest of Northern Vietnam about 200 miles from Hanoi. Now a modern town but it was a frontier village in 1954 and site of the greatest battle wage by the Vietnamese against the French occupiers.

    10. Hanoi: The ancient capital of Vietnam, much older than Hue. A beautiful city on the Red River and with several beautiful lakes. We'll visit the Ho Chi Minh Musoleum (where Vietnam first president's enbalmed remains can be seen), the Museum of Military History, the original/mideaval "36 streets" where even more traditional craft and modern products can be purchased at great prices (the women in our group will go beserk over this shopping opportunity). Also the Temple of Literature: the 900-year-old university, the first Vietnamese institution of higher learning.

    We are looking forward to meeting the friendly, hospitable and beautiful Vietnamese people again and have the opportunity to sample the best food this side of heaven: fresh, flavorful and low in fat. The cost there for everything is so reasonable for what you get people are going to Vietnam for their vacaction more and more every day. $35/night for a nice hotel room, $1 to $3 for a great meal, $1 for a long taxi drive...The facilities are so clean and well maintained, often very new ...great values for your money. "

    Have a great journey. I know you'll have an enjoyable and meaningful stay in Vietnam. "

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    what lame answers u have had so far. look up the web site this will give u some ideas on hotels to stay in.... I found going to hotels and sourcing prices the easiest way and cheapest. Perhaps book your first night and then find other accomodation once u are there. Buy the lonely planet Vietnam. This has every thing u need to know... We travelled north to south. if you dont have time i would suggest u stay in the north. u have to visit sapa, this place will give you all the insites into vietnam and its hilltribe people. another must is Ha long bay. it took us 2 and a half weeks to do north to south on a bus. Food is great, just make sure u see them cook it infront of u so u know it hasn't sat their for a while. have a great time, u will love it........

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    I travelled there in 1998. Just loved it there. I lost 8 pounds in18 days and ate all the time...the food is so tasty and healthy and everything was so cheap....the only problem then was the language...i understand now that there is much more English than in 1998...I paid about $12 for a really nice clean hotel and the meals at the hotel were about $1.50 - $2.50......girls so beautiful but you cant take a lady backto your room....airfare was good, but foreigners pay twice the rate of public transit in Saigon (HCMC) but taxias or motorcycle cabs are very's incredibly hot and humid there...hense the weight loss...go see the American War Museum...yuo will leave in tears!

    My freind Bruce Metcalfe is over there and has this site:

    Brock MacLean, 54

    Vancouver, Canada

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  • Well, Vietnam is very beautiful. Especially Ho Chi Minh.

    If your looking for hotels,discounts... then go to this site on the bottom.

    Agoda is very helpful it will let you talk to a agent to guide you along the way!

    They helped me to go to alot of beautiful hotels!

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    Full of Vietnam travel articles, helpful tips, travel resources and much more.

    Hope it helps!

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    Dont forget to go to Hue and Hoi an. there are a nice towns!! :)

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    Use like Google Search.. or map...

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    you can use yahoo travel :) it really helps :)

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    umm. no.......i mean yes.....

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