What are your thoughts on Hispanics Lead U.S. In Unmarried Birthrate?


My central concern was According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a mountain of evidence indicating that children raised by non-college educated, economically struggling mothers are at an increased risk for virtually every social problem, including poverty, crime, drug use – and single parenthood.This sounds just like what they wanted to get away from. How are these folks having a better life ?

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    America's hospitals are incubators for the seeds of America's demise -- funded by the US taxpayer. .

    The children born to illegal alien mothers are immediately eligible for Aid To Families With Dependent Children - AFDC. Illegal alien mothers can and do receive even $2,000 a month in benefits - it depends upon how many US citizen children she has spawned.

    San Diego has tried to force these illegal alien mothers to perform some kind of work to get this money. The illegal's present Modus Operandi is to have the checks mailed to a US Post Office box at the border and have someone collect the checks for them. In Mexico she can live like a queen on $2,000 a month. How well could you live on $2,000 a month…. in Mexico?

    The City of San Diego government has discovered that trying to make these illegals work for their $2,000 a month is a federal crime! It is a federal crime to hire an illegal alien - so making these illegal aliens work for their welfare money is thus - illegal.

    So there you have it.

    To get paid for the "act" is illegal and called prostitution.

    To get paid for the "result" is legal and called??? Stupidity?

  • You are right. There is a huge problem with young Hispanics mothers having children before reaching the 20's. Here in Texas is a real problem, all kinds of those girls come from different backgrounds, and the thing is that WE are supporting their children. It's not the parents or the grandparents, is the taxpayers who pays for everything: from pampers to milk and all kind of help that it is available thru the government. And those children having children, don't realize that the future of their offspring is very poor, as, you said, poverty, crime, and the worst of all that they are expose to negligence from their parents so that child is in danger to be sexual abused. It is a very complex problem and I think that it is a social problem and concern for every citizen, from the parents to school and the society itself. I was giving sexual education in a high school and your not going to believe who were the only ones who attended: 80% were Muslims and the rest were Whites and Black and none a single Hispanic show up . That tells you something.

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    If by ability of "reversed intelligence" you're touching on lack of understanding and a superstitious nature the place on accepts that for which their is little to no verifiable, stable and quantifiable evidence or help, the place one relies upon on a in basic terms emotionally generated concept ( as in, "My heart tells me it is so...") with out understanding that such strategies and impressions quickly substitute and are not stable, and so on., then this possible opine that such "reversed intelligence" greater generally finally ends up in faith ideals and the prepare of empty rituals in a type of blind obedience and popularity that rejects very own adventure and gaining understanding of, the amassing of reality and the employment of undemanding experience and clarification as one hopes to earnings an unrealistic reward very comparable to a donkey following a carrot on a stick. further, such "reversed intelligence" is in reality announcing that God endowed each and every with the present of reasoning and interest, with the capacity to earnings understandings that are the two beneficial to a minimum of one's self and others and appropriately relate to that which exist and can be experienced and then that God (as YHWH, Father, Allah, Subhannna wa Ta'ala, Vishnu, and so on.) advised humanity to no longer hire the appropriate use of a similar (i.e., "right this is your brains now disguise them with your hat and not in any respect use them...") thinking, reasoning and seeing what's for that which it is has on no account been a "undesirable" or non-beneficial corporation. Namaste

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    We know the answer to that but dare we say anything as I tell you I have touched a sore spot with many recently, to the point of them reading through all my q and a and trying to mix the pot up. Oh well, time to go. good luck with your responses.__ see ya tomorrow!

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    I think it's utterly reprehensible. I am amazed that in this modern era that they cannot see how stupid it is to keep having children that you simply cannot afford. We see it here everyday. We see little Mexican kids outside playing in the streets, unattended and when something happens, then the mother (who should have been watching them) is crying and blaming someone else.

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    When Mexicans marry they tend to respect their wedding vows much more than Americans as far as not divorcing. They often have affairs but stay together for the sake of the family. The problem is that the ones that come here tend to be the divorcees and the outcasts. The solution is to encourage intact families that aren't criminal to come. The Canadian visa system favors young couples, so why don't we?

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    Bad news. That is bad for America and bad for children.

    Fertility studies show illegal aliens are having more babies born in American than they would have had in Mexico.

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    A bunch of low life sl ut s! Matt Damon knocked one up-eeewwww!

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    Here, they get a free ride. There, they didn't. Careful, they're waiting to report you for a Yahoo violation on any obscure technicality they can find right now.

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    That is how they plan to take over our country.

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