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Can I just leave?

For starters, I live in Texas. I want to move out when im 18, but my older brother told me theres a long court process i have to go through in order to be legally an adult when i turn 18. Is that true? Or can i just up & leave when i turn 18? :]

Thank you everyone.

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    You can move as soon as you turn 18, however, if you enroll in college, you will need your parents income information when you apply for financial aid.

    If you become involved with the law, your parents will be contacted and you could be remanded back to living with them.

    You might not be able to rent an apartment, buy a car, or purchase appliances without your parents' signatures.

    It takes time, but if you truly want to leave at 18, research what you need to do to become emancipated. Your brother may be trying, in his awkward way, to keep you at home. Be glad that he cares, but since he is not an expert, ask your local librarian to help you find your state's laws regarding emancipation.

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    You can leave when you are 18 as long as you have a place to go. There is no such thing as a long court process to go through to become an adult. If there is then I must have missed it. You are an adult when you turn 18.

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    Well as long as you got a job, car, and money enough to get you a place then YES WITHOUT THE COURT PROCESS YOU CAN UP AND LEAVE!!!!!

    The court process he is talking about is under 18. It is called emancipation but you can't do that unless of a REAL GOOD EXCUSE WITH LIABLE FACTS!!!

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    Your a legal adult at court required. Are you sure your ready to leave home because if you leave too early your boobs will fall off.

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  • Hun, when you're 18, you're 18. There's nothing a court can say that says you aren't. WHen you want to move out, move out. You're a legal adult.

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    I live in Houston. When you are 18 you are free to leave. Please be sure that your choice is right. You want to wind up going somewhere in life and not on the streets. Think it through !!!

    Your brother does not want to see you leave,thus the story~Jill

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    When you turn 18 you are free as a bird. NOONE can stop you from leaving home.

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    leave when you turn 18, if that is what you want to do .

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    you can leave when you are 18 but unless you are 100% sure you have somewhere to go once you do i would wait. good luck.

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    I think that you can just leave but make very sure that you're financially ok. Like is your car in his name? Health insurance or car insurance in their name? You can leave but make sure that you have thought of these important things.

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