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5 month old corgi?

when will my puppy be an "adult" dog and stop chewing on everything, barking, and running around constantly?? H

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    most all puppies are very active and are very inquisive until around 6-8 months. If your dog is a barker and running around,, you should repremand your pup each time a behavior is shown and you as the "person in charge and to teach" should let your pup know when a behavior is unexceptable either by speech or by using a rolled up paper which doesnt hurt your pet it makes a noise they don't like and will respond to your commands.

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    Dogs aren't adults until they are two years old.

    Some people don't fully realize what they're getting into when they get a puppy. Puppies will be rambunctious chewing machines until they reach maturity at two years of age or more.

    The best you can do is work on training him to be obedient. Corgis are more active than many people think, so give him lots of exercise! As a rule, a tired dog is a good dog. Get him a Kong and stuff it with peanut butter and treats, and freeze it if you like. This will keep most dogs occupied for at least a while, and it's a great chew toy.

    Keeping him busy with toys will prevent chewing and barking, and giving him lots and lots of exercise will help prevent all the hyperactivity and barking. Obedience training will help you to control him, so I recommend enrolling him in a training class for puppies.

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    Corgi's never really "grow up", they chew, they will challenge you, and chew. Most people do not think of a corgi as a working dog w/ as short legged as they are but believe it or not they are. Put them in an obedience class, get a Kong filled w/ treats and pb then freeze it.

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    I would estimate 2-3 years. Mine still acts like a puppy and she is a 2.5 year old pug. Try some Natural Balance dog food (that comes in a sausage roll) inside of a bone or a kong. That will give your dog something to do instead of chewing.

    Take your dog to the park more, enroll him/her into agility class or take it to a play group to run off some of the energy.

    For barking, you can get a citronella collar to stop the bad behavior.

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    A dog should be trained on how to eat, walk with you, not to bark, potty training and sleep on its place etc. You can teach anything to your puppy, dogs get trained easily with some good instructions. If you want some good training tips visit

    If properly trained, they should also understand whistle and gesture equivalents for all the relevant commands, e.g. short whistle or finger raised sit, long whistle or flat hand lay down, and so on.

    It's important that they also get gestures and whistles as voice may not be sufficient over long distances and under certain circumstances.

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    even an adult dog will do these things if you don't train them not to. enroll in a training class with your pup. you will bond better, and teach the pup you are to be respected and listened to. until you say no you're pup is not going to automatically know that they are doing wrong.

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    He'll never just grow up like a human baby, he needs training. You can either do it yourself or send him to a trainer, but other than that, he isn't going to grow out of it.

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