How long should a KING size bed be in America?

I just got a new King size bed. I previously had a Queen. According to Wikipedia, these beds should both be 80" long in the United States. I notice the bed is shorter and it measure 79" long. What's the deal? Did I get an irregular bed? Thanks for any help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here's the scoop on bed sizes:

    Note that there are two standard sizes for a king bed. As to whether your mattress is "irregular" your best source there would be to ask whoever sold it to you. Personally I think it's difficult to get a precise measurement on something like a mattress with all that padding. If it fits you and fits your room - you've got a winner.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Eastern-King is the most frequently sold King on the market.. It should measure 76" x 80".

    The Cal-King or Western-King is sold predominately on the west coast and measures 72" x 84".

    The mattress you purchased might be an irregular, but the standard bedding sold should still fit it without encountering any problems..

    Source(s): 34 years bedding industry
  • chances are, you have purchased a California king instead of a regular king, look at your tag and try to find a size. but if you did buy the wrong size then you are stuck with it because there are no returns on mattresses

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