I am STIIIILLLL wondering WHY spanking IS allowed to teach someone who doesn't know any better than to goof.

I am STIIIILLLL wondering WHY spanking IS allowed to teach a CHILD that doesn't know any better than to goof.. BUT you CAN NOT hit an ADULT ,THAT DOOOES KNOW better than to goof~

This is another thought provolking Q. while I HIDE under my computer desk to await the mean responses from the

"MY PARENTS spanked me and I am fine you !@#^#^%$&%^$&$ idiot" group. (c:

To which I will answer THEM now. no, you are not fine... you have aggressive personality with anger issues <c; "wink"

Spanking says, " EVEN tho' I LOOOVE you, I do NOT have the energy to teach YOU about what YOU juuuust did WRONG, so therefore I am going to SCARE you instead"


I apologize, I keep MISSING my POINT some how...


but ~NOT HIT A D U L T S .

please read my whole Q. then answer ME THAT pArT...



Update 2:

bread~ re READ your post and TELL me AGAIN... that YOU are not angry~

Update 3:


I was totally abused as a youngster, and a few times years later. .. and my latest violation to my soul was an assault I suffered the night before I burried my mom at the hands of her boyfriend.

I am 44 , married 23 yrs ,very blessed with happy well adjusted, popular,altruistic, fun ,good grade kids 24 and 11.

SOmetimes you have to SUFFER quite a it to "grow into" my opinions on PHYSICAL touching NOT done with gentleness, I am one person NOT insulting YOU. Just asking you .

Do you have painful childhood memories?

Will Y O U R children?

Do all with LOVE and patience, thats all.


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    lmao, I don't know why parents spank, maybe it's easier to just hit than think about how to make your child understand what they did and how to do it differently. Now for the usual thumbs down oh booohooo

    Don't use the Bible as an excuse to spank. There is confusion in the ranks of people of Judeo-Christian heritage who, seeking help from the Bible in their effort to raise godly children, believe that God commands them to spank. They take "spare the rod and spoil the child" seriously and fear that if they don't spank, they will commit the sin of losing control of their child. In our counseling experience, we find that these people are devoted parents who love God and love their children, but they misunderstand the concept of the rod.

    Rod verses - what they really mean. The following are the biblical verseswhich have caused the greatest confusion:

    "Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him." (Prov. 22:15)

    "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." (Prov. 13:24)

    "Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death." (Prov. 23:13-14)

    "The rod of correction imparts wisdom, but a child left to itself disgraces his mother." (Prov. 29:15)

    At first glance these verses may sound pro-spanking. But you might consider a different interpretation of these teachings. "Rod" (shebet) means different things in different parts of the Bible. The Hebrew dictionary gives this word various meanings: a stick (for punishment, writing, fighting, ruling, walking, etc.). While the rod could be used for hitting, it was more frequently used for guiding wandering sheep. Shepherds didn't use the rod to beat their sheep - and children are certainly more valuable than sheep. As shepherd-author Philip Keller teaches so well in A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23, the shepherd's rod was used to fight off prey and the staff was used to gently guide sheep along the right path. ("Your rod and your staff, they comfort me." – Psalm 23:4).

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    There is a difference between an adult and a child. An adult is reponsible only to her or himself. If they want to "goof off", then that is their perogitive. They only have to answer to thenselves. A child doesn't neccessarily know what is right or wrong or what is the appropriate way to act or behave. Parents have an obligation to their children to make them understand what is right/wrong and to teach them that there are reprocussions for decisions that they make. Better to learn these lessons when they are children than when they are adults-Can't very well "ground" an adult.

    And as far as the "mean" responses from pro-spankers; not everyone is angry because they we're spanked. I was hardly ever hit when I was a kid but I had anger management issues. Come to find out I am bi-polar. And yes, kids are a afraid of spankings. They hurt and they are not something a kid wants. I certainly didn't and having the fear that my parents would take a belt to my butt kept me from doing alot of things I shouldn't have done. Once I got to be a teenager and felt that the threat of spanking was past me, I did what I pleased. My parents feel they could have done a better job raising me (spending more time with me...). They let me get away with a lot of stuff when I was a teenager because they felt guilty that they didn't spend enough time with me-Where they failed was not beating my *** til it glowed red. I feel I would have turned out more successful than I am now. I certainly wouldn't have made the mistakes I did.

    Some people do use spanking as the easy way out to correcting their children and in those cases, spanking is wrong. Spanking can be an effective tool as long as it is used in a proper manner. Just because a parent spanks doesn't mean they are lazy or they don't have the "energy" to teach their children.

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    I do not have kids but when I was growing a spanking literally consisted of a slap on the hand..... It definitely did not hurt but got the point across.

    If I had kids, I would use spanking as a last resort sort of thing. As for now, I have no patience for misbehaved children and prefer not to be around any child for that matter.....Maybe one day I will have the patience but not now.

    It is not right to hit an adult because they should have the ability to converse rationally. A young child does not have a fully developed ability for this..... Good luck with all you that are parents....I hold you in very high regards.

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    When a child does something wrong - I am accountable.

    When an adult does something - they are accountable.

    My kids rarely get spanked - but they know what will happen when the rules get broken. If taking something away doesn't work - if ending all privileges still doesn't work - a spanking will.

    When an adult breaks rules - society becomes the judge and juror. Some bleeding hearts long ago decided that beating a man for his actions was cruel and unusual so they banned it.

    Seems simple to me - kids get 2 little whacks for being bad - adults get 2 little years in jail - or more for being bad

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    Spanking is not only allowed, but ENCOURAGED to teach "little ones" who "don't know any better than to goof" as you say. I know of two reasons just "off-the-cuff": First of all, you grossly underestimate the little ones you "defend". Children, "little-ones", tots, or whatever you want to call them, have a magnificent learning capability from the moment they're born, and it is URGENT that you access that capability ASAP in other than verbal language or "time out" methods or just simply ignoring the issue or playing little cartoons or cut-out doll instructions for them. Their very lives depend on it because "little ones" get into things that could severely hurt or kill them, and if you think you feel bad spanking them, see how you feel if you let yours get injured or killed because you were too worried about spanking them. They would gladly take the spanking over the option, I promise you. And, second, in that line of thinking, spanking is a very direct, abrupt method of re-directing their thinking, at whatever level of cognitive functioning they're at, and is necessary to be done to reach them at a level of understanding they can comprehend the most clearly. You are doing them a favor by being "bi-lingual" in a manner of speaking. They can't rapidly or hurriedly understand written or much of spoken communication, so you need to speak in their language, and that does not mean the very demeaning "baby talk" that so many parents make fools of themselves doing, and demean their children's learning skills. God Bless you.

    Source(s): I've been a Child Welfare Worker, and a supervisor and instructor of same, and a mental health practitioner for 20+ years, now retired, and a parent of two, now 21 and 22 years of age, the latter of which has just returned from his second tour of duty in the U.S. Army in Iraq, and of whom I'm a very proud papa. God Bless you.
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    I don't quite understand your reasoning for asking the question. I am very much in support of spanking, and have been called every name in the book for my opinions, so that's a trate on both sides. I could state my reasons for my pro spanking stance, but really, do you think I will convince you? NO, and like-wise. We have different opinions. That's OK.

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    I never found it necessary to use, but it has always been in my available options. Some people employ this with a greater frequency than I think is absolutely necessary. I realize that when it ceases being corrective and begins being abusive that intervention is called for. I am not in favor of legislation banning this. I think that government is far too intrusive in the family as it is right now.

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    I was sexually abused & beaten as a child and I dont believe in hitting your kids at all.

    society says to spank our kids "correctly" and it is ok........that is suppose to make them learn to follow rules & laws

    You can NOT hit an adult cuz they were suppose to know the rules by now & therefore society expects the laws to do the punishing.

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    Okay first of all, how much have you had to drink today?

    And to answer your question, I DISCIPLINE my son. I don't HIT him, I DISCIPLINE him. I don't spank my co-workers or other adults around me because it's not my responsibility to discipline them.

    What's more, I would not hit an adult or a child. Hitting is not spanking. I just don't know why that's such a hard concept for you "non-spankers" to grasp. Stop being so damned afraid of your own children and take charge. A spanking is supposed to hurt and it's supposed to scare, numb nuts!!

  • Anonymous
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    You can only waste just so much breath and then you have to let them know you're serious and not just talking to hear yourself talk. You HAVE to get their attention somehow! The wise old saying FROM THE BIBLE says "Spare the rod, spoil the child." It is most profound and very TRUE! (I don't mean beating a child. That is abuse.) A switch impresses the memory better than unheard words.

    What did your parents do? Bribe you? Ignore you? Make you take a (nyuk!) time out? Send you to your room? Take your toys away? Take a valium? All that femiNazi liberalist bull-oney is just that!

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    Well if that is your choice fine. However, when talking doesn't work, a good swat in the butt will do wonders. If they refuse to hear at least they can feel. I would venture to say that your kids are ill mannered little brats. I don't choose to be around children that are thoughtless ill mannered little brats.

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