white paint for wood?

i have to paint a thick piece of wood white, just the most basic white color. how much does it cost for a quart of paint and what is a good paint for woods? thanks!

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    Go to your hardware store and ask an associate for a quart of white paint. They will ask you if you want flat, eggshell ,semi-gloss, or gloss. Oil based or Latex or Acrylic. All these things matter, depending on your application. Oil based paint isn't very user friendly but is very durable, especially outside in the weather. Acrylic also does very well outside but is water-based and far easier to work to work with. Latex is best suited for indoor use and is also water-based. Flat paint has no sheen, Eggshell looks like the surface (not color) of an egg. Semi-gloss is shiny but not blinding, gloss paint is "wow!!" So now you armed with info, take a $20 with you, a quart of paint should be less than $10. Just tell the person helping you at the hardware store what you are doing and what you are going to use it for, they will steer you in the right direction.

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    Walmart has a brand of paint for about $6 bucks a quart. It covers well and is a high quality paint for a low price. I used it is several areas of my house with excellent results. On the other hand, I used a high end, expensive paint from the home depot in a bathroom and ended up stripping the walls and repainting. Even though I used a primer, it never cured properly and I had color transfer 3 months after it "dried". Yuck!!! Although they say you get what you pay for, sometimes you can get an awesome deal if you know where to look!!!!! Blessings

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    You will need to prime it first or it make take three or more coats to cover the wood. A quart of quality paint can run $10 or even a lot more, depending on the brand and type of paint. Without knowing what you are using the wood for, it would be hard to say what type to use (matt, satin, semi gloss, or gloss, there are other names for them and other variations but these are the basic finishes.) There are perhaps fifty or more brands of paint, I would recommend visiting several paint retailers in your area before you decide.

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    about 10 dollerz

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