Is every internet link saved into the computer?

I was wondering that evrything that you do on the computer, or everyhing that you search on the internet, is it saved in the computer forever. Like if on January 5th 2006 I go on on January 5th 2007 will it be saved into the computer memory. I mean like the memories core. Like if you have a virus on the computer and you ienter the page where you can see the comouters memory data, will every little thing that has been done on the computer be on the memory data. If so can you tell me how to get rid of the memory for good without being the HP


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    *I have something else to add, some of the above posts are slightly incomplete. Deleting cookies isn't the only thing that record internet travel activity. The DNS does. There is a command prompt command to "flush" that information which i will show you how to do if you really would like to know. but unless youre trying to escape the FBI, dont worry about it. Only a small percent of us know what were talking about on that subject :)

    Oh and btw, dont worry about being categorized as a hacker. The word has been slanderized into an obscured meaning with the dawn of the age of political correctness and the fear and ignorance of computers.

    Well, i think you are confused about what the computer memory is. There are ESSENTIALLY two types of memory present in your computer at any given moment. You have the hard drive, which is the permanent memory where all data is stored such as your files. And then you have RAM(Random Access Memory) RAM is what the computer uses for temporary memory to complete tasks and it allows you to do things like copy and paste. The item copied is stored in the RAM.

    Now on to your actual question. Are your visited internet sites saved forever and what about all your activities on the computer.

    Yes, and No to the second.

    Your visited sites in the web browser will always be there unless you reset them. The information FROM them will be stored in "cookies" on your computer until you delete them or they expire. Cookies are just files that house information about your visit. They aren't REALLY dangerous if in the hands of a hacker, but such files aren't of much intent to said people.

    Now, what programs you click on and what documents you make arent stored in some file on the computer. That is, unless someone has placed a key logger style application on your computer.

    Now these various topics can get more complicated, but i think i've answered your question.

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    I don't think it's possible, but if it is it's probably not a good idea. Internet explorer is also the application that runs your directories in "My Computer." What would be a better idea is to designate Safari as your default browser. I primarily use Firefox, but continue to have and occasionally run IE on my computer. I wouldn't think of deleting it.

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    Basically yes. With forensic software almost any data can be extracted. The only way for your hard drive to be completely deteted is to drill a hole through it. I watched a whole show about it. It isn't going to be pulled up with a simple program so I wouldn't worry if you went to tools> internet options> and delete all your offline files, cookies, and history you are cool. Unless someone is running forensic testing on that computer you are cool.

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    Yes everythign you access on the internet is saved. There is a special way to delete, but i dont tell people stuff like that because i might be catagorized as a hacker.

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    yes, files from the internet are saved to your computers hard-drive as "cookies"

    if you wish to get rid of them try going into your web browser (for internet explorer) go to

    tools ==> internet options ==> delete cookies and delete files

    and thats all you have to do

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    Its saved in your broweser's history.Open it and press Ctrl H and you'll see all the sites you've visited. You can go to the tools option and clear your history,erase cookies and clear your cache.

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