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french homework help please?

well i'm doing a crossword puzzle for french studying...i've done most of the problems but there's these ones i don' t know. please help?

1. Le cours d'histoire est a _____ heure. (6 letter word)

2. Les copains parlent _____ les cours. En class, ils ecoutent le prof. (5 letter word)

3. Hugo travaille _____ d'heures par semaine. (7 letter word)

4. Je parle avec mes voisins dans la _____. (4 letter word)

5. Le balcon de notre appartement ______ sur le jardin. (5 letter word)

6. Montmartre est un beau ______ de Paris. Les immeubles sont tres interessants. (8 letter word)

7. Il n'y a pas d'acenseur dans notre immeuble. On ____ a\ pied. (5 letter word starting with m)

i know it seem like i'm being lazy and not doing my hw. but i did over 40 of them myself. please help =)

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    Ive never been too good at crosswords but Im pretty confident about these answers...

    1) quatre, or treize, or quinze

    2) avant

    3) ummm, pendant?

    4) no idea.. Im sry

    5) no idea... Im sry

    6) quartier

    7) monte

    I really hope these help

    If you still need help with the ones I couldnt answer, but the ones I gave you were right and give clues, feel free to contact me for more help...

    : )

    bonne chance avec tes devoirs...

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