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I need help with this math question?

A bag has 6 marbles in it. Each marble is either red, blue, or green. What is the least number of marbles that you must pull out of the bag to be sure you have two marbles the same color?

Thanks for your help.

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    4 because say you grab a red and a blue and a green. thats 3, Theres 3 different types, so the next 1 you get will be a matching with one of the marbles you already have, so you will be sure you have it.

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    Well, three or four marbles, considering the fact that you're unsure of the quantities of the amount of marbles red, blue, or green.

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    4 dude. Think about it. If you pulled out a red first a green second and a blue third the fourth would HAVE to be one of the colors already chosen.

    Now, can someone please answer mine?


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    4, because you might pick R(ed),B(lue),G(reen) and the fourth one must be either R,B or G.

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