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Okay so i got a finals tomorrow and i am having a hard time with the trig. section of the of the question that got me stuck is:

Find the 2 values of O (its not an "o" but it looks very similiar i forgot what its called) for the trignometric equation sin O = 0.8829. Round your answer to the neasrest degree.

I know the answer is 62 degree and 118 degree

but i dont know the steps to find the answer

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    Θ is called theta. =)

    You take the inverse sin of .8829. (for graphing calculators, you can press "2nd sin (.8829)" to get your answer) Make sure your calculator is in degrees, not radians! That will get you 62 degrees. Then take 180 - 62 to get 118 degrees.

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    first of all, in the greek alphabet, there are two letters (that i know of) that look like and O. theta has a horizontal line through it, and phi sortof looks like an O with a vertical line through it. generally, with trig, theta is used. so on to the question:

    take the inverse sine of 0.8829 and u get 62 (assuming your answers are correct). now take 180-62 and u get 118, since sine is positive in the first and second quadrants. if you try to picture a unit circle in your head and remember that sine is the y coordinate its easier.

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    first, it's a theta looks like an O with a line in it

    second, we'll go with x instead of theta

    sin x= .8829

    on ur calculator plug in the arcsine of 0.8829

    should look like:


    should equal:


    rounds to:



    180 (angles of a triangle = 180 degrees)

    -62 (your answer)


    hope this helps

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    the O is called Theta

    BLECH i hate pre calc. i took my final today...sucked!!!

    i tried to figure it out and im actually having a hard time with it which is weird cuz im generally good at math =(

    anyway, try

    God's gift to kids in higher math than anyone ever should be

    good luck on your final!

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  • 1 decade ago

    gosh i'm in calculus 2 and still don't know that answer....shows you how much information i am retaining.

    anyway, sorry i can't help but good luck with finals tomorrow.

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