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what do you do if your dog is having siezures?

my dogs eyes keep twitching back and forth, and he will not eat.

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    Take the dog to the vet....don't let the dog suffer because you're an idiot..take the dog NOW !!!

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    Protect him from thrashing himself against anything that would cause injury. Mark the calendar and write down everything the dog did, everywhere he went and everything he did over the past 24 hours. If it happens again you may be able to determine what the trigger is. The most common causes are food and other stuff he may have eaten. Chemicals from new carpets, cleaning solutions, plants, even deteriorating organs. A vet can run tests for organ damage, but would only prescribe medication if the seizures became very frequent since finding the exact medicine and the right dosage is often quite a challenge. There are all different types of seizures, and DVMs are often stymied when the dog owner cannot describe the exact nature of the seizure in sufficient detail.

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    There are two medications that are most often prescribed to treat epilepsy, Phenobarbital and potassium bromide. These two drugs used either alone or in combination with each other control seizures in 80 to 95% of all dogs. For dogs who are not controlled with these two drugs, there are other medications that aren't as consistently helpful but may be the perfect medication for an individual dog.

    Phenobarbital and potassium bromide both have the potential side effects of excessive hunger, excessive thirst, excessive urination, sedation and ataxia (hind end weakness). Not all dogs will have all of these side effects and most of the side effects will subside or disappear as a dog becomes adjusted to the medication. This side effects is reversible and will resolve when medications levels are reduced. Please contact your vet!!

    The goal of medicating is to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. Some dogs never have another seizure, however, most dogs with epilepsy will have occasional seizures despite medication. An occasional seizure will not affect your dog's quality of life.

    Also note that epilepsy is not a disease but rather a neurological disorder that affects the brain and shows itself in the form of seizures.

    Jason Homan

    Source(s): Look Also: Various Types Of Treatments For Eepilepsy In Our Dogs The information portal ... »
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    There are a lot of reasons for dog seizures and they can be controlled with medication but the most important thing is for you to stay calm and reassure your dog. Stay behind his back as he may hurt you with his legs jutting out and claw you accidentally. I give a short list here of some causes for seizures but well you really do need to see a VET ASAP as everyone is suggesting here.

    Hypoglycemia,Hypocalcemia, Hypoxia, Liver Disease, Renal (kidney) disease,Hyperkalemia,Gastrointestinal disease ("garbage" poisoning),Tick Bites

    Toxoplamosis (Toxo), Epilepsy, Brain tumor or Head injury, Lyme Disease (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever), and Distemper. Mine died of distemper when I was a kid ..when has your dog had his shots?

    You may check the Internet too is always a good source just type in dog seizures.

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    Well you need to take the dog to the Vet.. If the dog is at home while she is havin seizures hold her close to your body tight and comfort her soon she will wuit but keep track of how often she has seizures... My Chihuahua has seizures but there's nothing that the vet can do:( She sont have them as much any more all we do is hurry up and pick her up and rub it outta her:) It calms her down and she comes outta it fast:)

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    My sister and her husband had a German Shephard with epilepsy who had very bad seizures. They had him on medication for quite awhile, but eventually they had to euthanize him because he kept having seizures. It was very sad. His name was Buster. Not saying this will happen with your dog, or that your dog even has epilepsy---I'm not a vet. I would suggest taking him to the vet ASAP and let him take it from there. Good luck! Hope your dog gets well.

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    Sounds like you should immediately see a vet to determine if what you're seeing is a seizure or not. If so that's treatable w/ meds. If your dog is having seizures and it's not taken care of death is a big possibility. Or even brain damage.

    Source(s): I'm a full time vet tech.
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    What would you do if YOU were having siezures? Get the damn dog to the vet.

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    Call the vet and get the dog in to see him like now.

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    take the dog to the vet ASAP, and keep him from any excitement on the way.

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