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Why have the YA gods forsaken me?

I can't post in Politics! This is me:;_ylt=Ao.1L...

I created another account to see if i could post the question, and yet again, it doesn't show up. I can post in other sections, just not politics, it's liek they banned my IP address or something. So frustrating.


My account isn't closed, and politics people flag you if they disagree with you. I haven't been too much of a jackass. Do they ban IP addresses? The worst of the worst over there seem to be able to create a new account and troll away.

Update 2:

Jack, they go to my profile page, but don't get listed in the question list, so they don't get replied to. I have always been able to see my own questions in the question list, I can see this one in the YA section.

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    I bet you asked some real dumb and immature questions that your fellow members flagged, it takes many complaints before Yahoo kicks you, so maybe it's not the Yahoo Gods....

  • Nick
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    When I post questions I can't view them either but I can look at them on my profile page. Honestly I don't think you are supposed to see your own questions I know I never see my questions unless I look on my profile page and select my questions. I just went to your profile and viewed your question you have a couple that I saw titled the same way if you want to view them go to your profile like I just did.

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    But it seems odd that you can post. I mean, they would clobber the whole thing off and not just let most of it through

    Source(s): My little grey celss are trying to puzzle this one out, as it's just too odd
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    They don't want it politics. I guess you have to put it riddles.

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