Is personnel turnover a good or bad thing for a company and/or group?

Some departments have rapid turnover (i.e. no one in the department has been there more than 3 years, so there is very little "historical knowledge") while other departments have virtually no turnover (i.e. no one in the department has been there less than 10 years).

I'm not interested in anecdotal accounts of your experiences, but rather I am interested in a scientific analysis about whether the two extremes are unhealthy and the reasons why.

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    Depending on the nature of the business, it may be a sign of promising employee upward mobility and intent on behalf of the employer to reward well-viewed employees. On the other hand, if those people who left quit or were fired, that's an entirely different story.

    You need to first determine what happened to those who used to work in a particular department before you draw any conclusions.

    It may or may not be healthy, depending on the type of business it is. And furthermore, healthy for who? The company or the employees? For example, I don't know of many folks who work at McDonalds at the restaurant-level for more than a few years? And then too, don't forget to consider the fact that if you have an awful job, it is probably ~quite~ healthy to leave it. lol :-)

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    I think high turn over is not good too much stress in the department or a troublesome employee or manager. Should look into any problems or ask the people leaving why.

    maybe something you are missing or you are being miss lead by some one in power.

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    I think you need to also focus the question to an industry and department since the answer is different.

    Also, scientific analysis is a bit beyond this forum.

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