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How do I legally move to Ireland to live and work?

Hi. I am a single mother of one girl. I am wanting to immigrate to Ireland and obtain Irish citizenship. How do I get started and what forms do I need to fill out? How does the process work? I have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from a university in the U.S. and currently have US citizenship. I want to obtain citizenship in Ireland for both my daughter and myself. Thanks.


I have sole custody of my daughter and her biological father had his visitation rights terminated by the courts during the divorce because of abuse against her.

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    First, you must have sole custody of your daughter to take her out of the country. This prevents her biological father from protesting the move.

    Second, call your state VISA/Immigration office. They will give you all of the forms and such to begin the process of your relocation. It will cost you several hundred dollars in medical examinations and fees and will take about three months for the process to finish.

    Third, you have to legally work in North or South Ireland for five years before you can apply for citizenship. You should have a job already lined up there in order for them to accept you. You will have a 90 day window usually to find employment if you have a work VISA.

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    Why go through all of that?. Just show up and demand everything. Jobs, healthcare, education, food, housing etc..

    It works for certain people in this country.If they question you, call them racists and protest!

    Seriously, though, check out Irelands web site. Like every country,they have rules for work visas and the citizenship process. Also, if you parents or grandparents where born in Ireland, you can get citizenship through them. Check out the Irish Govt website. Unlike this country though, they are strict with letting in foriegn workers unless a Irish citizen isn't able to do the job. Research it though...

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    Which Ireland North or South? You need to get visas that will enable you to live and work there legally for 5 years before you can apply for citizenship. It will help greatly if you have a sponsor and/or someone that will make you a written offer of a job.

    It can be really hard having two countries to the extend that children of immigrants suffer roughly double the rate of schizophrenia over time.

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    You would need to talk to the Irish counsulate for all that information in your city, they usually give you ideas.

    Try one in Chicago or New York, that's where they are most located.

    Good luck.

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