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Using the President's name in books?

have noticed something - in books (novels, fun books, etc) or movies, they never use the actual President during the time's name. For example, in Baby-sitters Club Little Sister, #107: Karen's President, which was written in 1998, Karen meets the President but his name is not mentioned at all. Why is this? Is it illegal?

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    it adds a sense of timelessness to the book, so it won't seem dated.

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    Not entirely true. There have been many movies that have used current context and named the President, and many books. Like Hannibal, by Thomas Harris. Sometimes the President isn't named because it does help provide that sense of timelessness and anonymity needed to make that literary work just as magical for the next generation to read it, as it was for the one before.

    But no, it isn't illegal.

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    One reason is the publisher may want to avoid lawsuits for libel and slander. The publisher can win only if what the author says is true.

    Or it could be the preference of the author to not reveal the name. I mean: Would you really want Bill Clinton to meet your small child? The man who will always be remembered for doing it with an intern on the desk of the Oval Office? I think most authors of children's books would want to avoid that.

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    Not always true, I suggest you read more books and see more movies. There are many but I would like to plug the movie The One. Because not only do they guess the pres. But they use both candidates as pres. As how it would be if they had won the election.

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    Not illegal at all, it simply makes the book/film seem dated if they tie themselves to a particular era or president or whatever.

    Authors rarely get sued except for plagiarism.

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    It would be legal to use the President's name--but in manycases could be controversial. It's not generally considered good form.

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