I am helping out at a funeral tomorrow (I am running our projector for the service)

Is it alright to wear grey dress pants?


I am not taping the service There are a couple song and since I run the projector every week on sundays they figured i could help.....

thanks for all the answers they really helped

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    That sounds great. Two weeks ago I attended a funeral for a girl in my class who was killed in a car accident. Nearly all of our senior class was there and many underclassmen. Our school is private and we have a dresscode which is pretty lax and consists of sweaters or polo shirts and khaki pants. Many students wore those to the funeral, keeping with the more somber colors, and many adults followed suit. All black no longer seems necessary unless you are the widow or widower, but dark colors are still a norm.

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    It depends on the custom of the place where the funeral is held. At my church, people usually wear Sunday best to funerals, but at a funeral I attended recently, most of the congregation was wearing jeans and t-shirts. You might want to check whether a skirt or dress is more customary, but I doubt that anyone will kick you out or look down on you for wearing pants. It might just be a matter of your own comfort if you aren't dressed the same as everyone else.

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    Grey dress pants with a nice looking sweater will be fine. It's not longer required that we wear black at a funeral.

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    Yes, it is. It used to be that at a funeral, you wore only black to show you were mourning. But now, things are different and people wear just about anything. If they are dress slacks and you feel good about yourself wearing them, as long as there aren't rips or tears in the seat of them, wear them. Just make sure they are pressed nicely and the shirt/blouse matches.

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    the thought I had for my own (i'm a maximum cancers survivor who has easily deliberate my own funeral out in enhance--thankfully those plans do no longer seem to be mandatory spectacular now) became to make it a occasion of my existence. a similar pastor who oversaw my wedding ceremony is a uncommon guy: as long as appreciate is shown for the religious, he has no worry seeing to the desires of disbelievers. together as each individual in attendance at my wedding ceremony knows i'm an Atheist, I nonetheless needed the pastor to steer a prayer for something of my family--the great majority of which carry a Christian denomination. He did it o.k.: "The bride and groom have asked a 2d of prayer for people who could decide to take part..." and the 2d went on. I spoke with him approximately overseeing my funeral, and having a similar style of attention. He agreed, and had countless techniques for making that ensue. this form any prayers reported for me have been by skill of the call of those offering the prayer. The funeral itself could greater healthful me for who i became, yet enable the survivors to be who they are and cope with issues of their very own way.

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    Yes it is fine as long as they are within the dress code of the place where the service is being held.

    It is very considerate of you to think about it

    Be blessed.

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    It is absolutely fine to wear the gray dress pants.

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    Nowadays the classic black attire is not required. All you need is to look nice. I think grey dress pants are fine.

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    It is absolutely fine. At my father's funeral I wore an Avalanche jersey. (ps my father was a huge sports fan and we decided to say good bye is a way we thought honored him well)

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    Yes it is. As long as you don't wear bright colors you're fine. You don't always have to wear black. You can wear navy blue, dark gray, etc.

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