Are you into witch craft? not satanism....?

I'm just curious......Is all witch craft evil? Is the practice of it evil?

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    The reason Wiccans and Satanists are confused is because followers of Wicca ( a religion created circa 1950) insist on calling themselves "witches" and their religion "witchcraft". It isn't because of a "smear campagin" by Christians - - I used to believe that same myth when I was a Wiccan in my teens.

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    Yes, I am a witch (Pecti-Witan, a Hedge Witch, not Wiccan) and but NO it is not evil! We don't recognize the existance of demons or the devil, so how could we worship something that isn't? Evil exists, that is a given, but it is of MAN not of nature. Doing anything even remotely evil goes against our principles. We do our best for humanity and the environment. If we were being influenced or led by Satan why would he teach us how to use healing herbs and why would he want us to advocate saving the earth? Why would he want us to use our very being to help others? Doesn't that sound more like of "God" than of "Satan"? Can we be so mislead that we spend our entire lives doing good things for people & nature and helping in any way that we can that we are actually doing the work of the "devil"?!? Get real.

    True Witchcraft is not evil and has absoloutly nothing to do with Satan, and if people would open their minds and hearts and books (other than the bible) they would see this.



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    They are both very complex things and very different, it will depend on your own point of view (I say this as a practicing hedge witch - a lone witch without a coven)

    My opinion wont matter to the atheists who see any pursuit of spirituality as either the ravings of a lunatic or a lesser intellect.

    My opinion also wont matter to those of you who believe your god is ultimate and without him everything is evil. Be aware that if you are a christian AND you are saying that all people who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior are evil. That is some Quakers, all Muslims, all Buddhists, some Hindus, most pagans, and a whole load of other people including atheists.

    This is a very different perspective from the one that states that those who do not know Jesus will just wither and die (Assume spiritually as I have not met many people who died physically for this reason)

    This may be hard for you to understand but I believe the truth is subjective and different for every individual. If your truth is that I am evil then in your eyes I am, I don't know what that means for you or how it helps but it is yours to have.

    Blessed Be

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    1 decade ago

    I'm a big fan of Harry Potter. Does that count?

    Real life witches cannot do cool stuff like fly on broomsticks or turn their enemies into ferrets or anything I can't do. I don't need witchcraft to hug trees and honor nature so why bother? At least Harry Potter is an amusing fantasy.

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    If you had never been taught what people consider evil, everything that you practiced, learned, taught, would just be information and actions. Like to each his own. The word evil is as complicated and useless as the word love. You feel what you feel and you do what you do as a reaction to what you feel. If you don't, you are completely logical, and there is nothing wrong with that either.

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    Do not confuse the craft with satanism for they are two separate entities and nothing close to each other, Witchcraft worship the earth and all of its elements, and most believe they are all part of the divine.Just take a look at there code " Do as thy will yet harm none"

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    A lot of Wiccans take offense to the term "witchcraft" probably because it has negative connotations. I'm not one of them. In fact, I use the term to describe what I do often.

    It isn't evil and has nothing to do with Satanism. In fact, Christians are more like Satanists than we are because we don't even believe in a devil.

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    i used to mess around with simple spells and stuff, harmless things. i dont think witch craft is evil at all. i just think some people have corrupted the craft and turned it evil and done bad things with it.

  • Tasha
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    Witch craft, magick, and Wicca is not evil if used right. It is the harnessing of the earth's energies.

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    Witchcraft is not evil; it is the art of "manioulating" the natural energies in the elements. And, for the record, Satanism is not evil either--it often gets confused with Satan WORSHIPPING which are two completely different things.

    But I digress. Witchcraft is NOT evil.

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